What if you had a best friend? You loved them and trusted them with all your heart. But what if one day they turn against you? Well Ivy Elegant was best friends with Cody stone. But one day he betrays her for the popularity he starts to pick on her. spread rumors that ruin her life. But what if Cody hides a secret Ivy never knew?


5. Double shocking news

We sat in the roomed shocked because we didn't expect the person i would fall for would be my child hood best friend. We sat down for a while and they asked me questions about me,Cody and Tyler. They seemed so fascinated about my child hood, my old best friends and past. We carried onto chat to each over until I checked the time and quickly said

" Come on guys we better get going to art i want to finish my project."

We ran down the cold hallways the walls screamed at us with coldness trying to stop us from running, the lights blared down on us showing us the path of the cold,smooth,white marble.We ran through the door and sat down getting our art work out. On our table was me,Cody,Tyler,Lacey,Lexi and Skye.Cody wasn't too happy about being sat on our table, i looked into Cody's big eyes but i couldn't see hate or anger it was something else but i couldn't put my finger on what it was. I looked over to Tyler and carried on admiring him he looked so cute when he was concentrating. But then all of a sudden Cody was behind me he put something in my hand. A piece of paper? He then whispered softly into my ear

"Open it in secret please? I don't want anyone to know"

He walked back to his seat slowly and then he just stared at me. I gave him a slight nod so only he would notice. I looked down at my painting and carried on. It was a little girl with long her and bright blue eyes and around her i drew and painted the clocks, People shouting, broken hearts and friends. It was pretty much like it was telling the young girls story but through pictures. The little girl reminded me of well me. Just the way her brown hair covered her face and her bright blue eyes shined in the darkness off the picture. They were so bright they could light up the world, the girl was holding her pale hands up to her pale face. The young girl look terrified of the images around her.I looked up and saw Cody staring at me ... again? Once he saw i was looking at him he blushed,then he looked down at his work as soon as he could because he was obviously embarrassed. He looked down at his work trying to ignore the fact I have just caught him staring at me. I stood up and walked round to get some paint that was behind Tyler and Cody, I then turned round i looked down on Cody's and Tyler's work it looked amazing Tyler had done a boy and a girl that was stood in a street they was holding a blue umbrella under the umbrella  they were kissing it looked so sweet, Cody's was three kids sat having a picnic on a beach two boys, one girl and the little girl was stood in the sea laughing at the two boys. Once I had finished my painting me,Lacey,Lexi and Skye left the classroom but then I heard Tyler shouting me I turned round he was running towards me, then he said

"Ivy i really need to talk to you but can i talk to you in privet?"

I nodded while smiling slightly i turned to my friends, I gave them a them a face that showed i was so excited. They put there thumbs, gave me a smile so i walked off with Tyler and i felt him put his arm round my waist? On the outside I was acting but on the inside I was screaming with joy. We then reached the closet, Tyler opened the door for me then when he was inside he shut door and put the light on.  He turned to me and said softly 

"Well hi Ivy the reason i needed to talk to you is well. Sorry i am a bit nervous. Well here it goes. Ivy I really like you not in a friend way I love you. I have done ever since we were little. You used to drive me crazy with your beauty and your kindness but as well i used to want to protect you all the time. I was gutted when I had to move away from you,I was afraid to leave you in case someone hurt you and i wasn't there for you.But then I finally convinced my parents to let me come back so now Ivy Demi Elegant will you go out with me?"

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