A spark of hope

This story explores the life of two girls with very different backgrounds, who become great friends


1. Poor farm life


Dear diary,

I went back to my homeland again. The farm. It isn’t the sort of farm you’re used to: with cattle and crops, it is our sort of farm. Where we grow coffee granules and get little money for a sack. A large sack. But Maria changed everything. With her company. A company that does fair trade. For any constellation the company we supplied to before fair (Maria’s company) was Costa®. Anyway, our farm was a small one where we all worked together. We may not be rich, but we have a family.

I never had any options. I was bright and sporty and friendly and kind, but I never had any options. I had dreams, but deep in my heart I knew these wouldn’t come true. Or so I thought. Without Maria’s help.  I’m going to university now. Maria helped me: got my papers, paid my flight, paid university fees and arranged an apartment. Maria is kind. She gets things done.


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