Beautiful Bald

Olivia Red was diagnosed with cancer at just 6 years old. At school, she suffers teasing and sympathy, but it's all too much too bear. The teasing is unfair, and the sympathy makes her feel abnormal, and reminds her of the fact that the animal that is cancer is killing her. Olivia loves to draw and play like any other girl, but she has to stay hunched at home on medication to get through her cancer. The one thing that keeps her going is the fact her Grandmother is suffering too from the illness, but when her only hope dies; Olivia begins to slowly give up, and believe she isn't beautiful any more. This isn't a true story, but I hope it gives you a few tears, I wrote it because my nan's died when I was young and it's the worst illness around.


1. Mummy and Daddy


I had to miss school that day, and that upset me because we were in the middle of Golden Play. I'd been feeling ill and weak, and I'd had so many headaches that my writing in class had become unreadable. The pain was ongoing and I'd heard mummy and daddy talking about me, mentioning scary words that I didn't know the meaning to; like 'tumour' and 'cancer.' I only knew what cancer was because my beautiful grandmother had it, and all her hair had gone. She was always tired, and in hospital and I missed her very much.

I began to cry in the middle of school and Mummy came to pick me up in her car. She was cuddling me, but I could tell something was wrong, as she made me stay in the car as she stepped outside into the fresh air, frantically dialling the phone to dad. I heard snippets of conversation, like 'we'll have to wait and see' and 'it can't be, not our girl' but I fell asleep in the end, feeling woozy and tired and painful. When I woke, I was sprawled on my mummy's lap in a hospital, Daddy stroking my hair with wet tears in the corner of his eyes.

"Olivia Red?" A consultant called from a room opposite, and Daddy helped me up off the chair, smiling uncertainly. "Come on Liv. Your appointment now sweetheart." He kissed me on the head, and as I walked across the room, people stared, a strange look in their eyes and my parents'. They were all looking at each other, and I didn't know what was wrong. I'd been here before, for a scan on my brain- Mummy and Daddy didn't tell me what it was for; just said it was all going to be okay. I'd gotten frustrated, what was going to be okay? But they'd just cried.

I'd scolded them, and told them to stop being big babies, like I do when I pretend to be a teacher at home when I'm playing. I've had a few days off now with my pains, and my friends all said they missed me. My teachers knew why I was off and they treated me more nicely than they ever did before.

"Come and sit down Olivia," the consultant said, smiling and he patted the chair. I sat down, but Daddy grabbed me and sat me on his knee, and I felt something wet seeping into my t-shirt. I turned round to see him crying, and I began to cry as well.

"It's bad news, I can tell!" Daddy cried, and Mummy collapsed onto the chair as the consultant nodded, and bowed his head. They were in floods of tears and I began to scream, demanding answers. Mummy and Daddy smothered me in kisses as though they wouldn't see me again for ages! Then my heart began to pound. What if I'd been naughty and they were sending me away?

"Your sending me away aren't you?" I shouted, stamping my foot and they just shook their heads and said no, no, no.

The consultant asked if they'd like him to explain to me what was going on. They said no again, and he left the room, and nobody spoke until we were completely alone.

"Bab, you have a lump in your brain," sniffed Mummy, "And that's what's been making your head painful. It's called a tumour right? It's a type of cancer, like-" She broke off, looking at Daddy. He shook his head and kissed my head again, as if kissing it would take away the pain. I knew what cancer was, and what it was doing to my Grandmother, and I knew it was dangerous. I imagined my long blonde hair falling out, and being completely bald. Would I still be beautiful? And would I die?

"Mummy, am I going to die?" I asked, shaking. "I don't want to go under the ground in that box, they'll be spiders and  it'll be dark and it'll be too scary!" I began to scream. "I don't want to have this cancer, I want to stay here with you forever and ever and I don't want to go!"

Daddy's shoulders were heaving and he shook his head.

"Olivia you are not going to die. Your going to stay with me and mummy forever and ever. And remember, you're always going to be beautiful."


We walked out the room, tear soaked and the sympathetic looks we got killed me, and I knew that I was going to die. I didn't want to. I wanted to stay with my mummy and daddy, watching our soaps at home. I saw smiling people and felt confused- why were they so happy when I was so distraught?




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