The same nightmare. Every night. The Chase. Just an illusion, of course. A dream. That's what I tell myself. But how come I have never feared like this? How come I have never been so cold? How come every breath in that forest feels more real than reality?

How come he keeps getting closer?


1. Prologue

The forest lay shrouded in mist, the thick, dark trees casting shadows across my path. I picked up my pace, breaking into a sprint across the earthy, uneven surface, trying my very hardest to ignore the throbbing pain in my side.

"Where are you, little girl?"

The hoarse whisper wrapped around me like an icy blanket, sending shivers down my spine. My head was pounding, and cold sweat ran down my face. The wind whipped up my hair, and the rugged rocks from the forest floor dug into my feet, making them bleed and ache.

"You can't run forever, my darling... "

I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I leaned forward and pressed on. My entire body burned with the effort of staying in motion, and my vision was becoming more and more blurred.

He was gaining on me.

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