The truth behind all this pain

Charlotte now understands why she gets bullied and Mia understands that it is wrong to bully others. would a sensitive story and an apology be enough to forgive a bully???


4. Charlotte

As soon as Mia had gone, the shopkeeper came up and helped me. He reported to the office staff but then I told him to go and said that I was fine. I told them that it wasn't anyone from the school which is a BIG LIE if you are a goody goody just like me...


i went to form and saw Mia in front of me but not facing me. I saw everyone shout Happy Birthday and I asked if it was Mias birthday aswell and she asked what I meant by this and my form said that it was my birthday.


She left me alone but at the end of registration, Mia came over to me. I got scared. She apologized to me and said that she didnt know it was my birthday. She also told me her story.


I felt sorry for her.


I told her that it was ok and she cheered up.


I never knew that a bully can turn good or hide pain inside themselves.


We had  a great party after school and from then on, my life became normal or did it...?





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