Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


2. The Girl and her Knives..

A beautiful blond girl with gorgeous sea blue eyes and a long blue dress and armed with two sharp foot long knives in her hands. An eagle sat on her left shoulder peering into the carcass below. Percy was speachless.

''How rude of me not to introduce my self! I'm Melanie Castellan, and you are?'' She asked sweetly.

''Umm.. Persetheus Ssave, nice to meet you.. But: Whats happened?'' Percy replied.

''Disease and extreme hunting.. We need to stop it before the whole forest is a masacred mess! But no one will listen.'' She replied with concern.

''I will listen, come on!'' Persetheus shouted, making his way into the forest, his leopard at his side, growling. The girl followed, her eagle zooming into the forest. Noise from nearby village increased and men and women marched to the water wells and guards from Cavellous patrolled the borders. Both of the young hunters didn't care about this.

Animals had luminous green cuts on they're bodies and carcasses littered the morning floor. SNAP came from a cave a few metres from the couple of conservation. Percy notched an arrow. Melanie readied her knives. Tension filled the air like smoke, silence creeped up like a cheetah stalking prey, a human shadow sliced out of the cave.

''H-Help.. M-Me..'' An old man croaked, he fell to the floor. The children screamed! The man had a sword sticking out of his back, in the midst of a pool of crimson blood. Out of the mans had dropped a piece of crumpled parchment and a necklace with a vial on the end, with something scrawled quickly onto the paper on to it. It read:

Dear the finder of this final letter,

I am Psedotum Heath, a respected leader of the Harniken tribe, we tried to save this forest, but the bandits stopped us, only one tribe member is still alive now I am dead. Find him. Save the forest.

As you will help my friend and my home, I leave you with this vial of phoenix tears, to heal the unhealable. Use it wisely.

Good Luck!

Et Immorteles.

Melanie studied the vial, reading the inscriptions and frowning:

''This is greek, and so is 'Et Immorteles', how come he's here. In the Lost Isles, nobody knows where we are! How?!''She said, shaking her head.

''I don't know, but we need help to save the forest. We don't even know where Psedotum's friend IS!'' Percy pondered.

He spotted a rabbit and remembered his promise, but this one isn't harmed by the disease, I must protect it! He thought, and grabbed it and ran from the forest, Melanie trailing. He released it into the meadows and it hopped off, to find a new home.

Melanie and Persetheus headed towards the village, where Mel lived after all. They had to study this tribe and how the greeks got here!..

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