Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


1. The Boy and his Bow..

To Persetheus Ssave, or Percy to people who knew him, his bow was a plant. Something to nurture and protect from harsh weather, animals and of course the people who disapproved of it. Alot of his tiny village on the edge of a huge city, Cavellous, thought bows were a terrible way to fight, a cowards weapon. Persetheus didn't think so, it was an quiet killing machine that could be fired from trees, bushes and from battlements: A sword or spear is noisy, heavy, and you have to be close by. Out of Percy and his friends, Percy was the most dangerous, like an ant in the midst of bulls in a china shop, he could take down deer in a flash.


The village was blasted by light as the sun rose in the east behind the glorious limestone castle that Percy dreamed of protecting... He leaped out of bed and pulled on his no-sleeved, leather shirt on and his brown linen pants and grabbed his bow and set off with Kruge, his pet leopard. He slung his quiver over his bare shoulder and marched into the dew meadows on his way to the forest that kept the most strange creatures. He peered into neighbouring villages where chickens and pigs mooched through the mud and maids lit fires. Eagles screeched and soared searching for morning prey. I'll bring you back a rabbit.. Persetheus thought.

The forest appeared in the horizon and the exotic noises echoed through the hollowed tree trunks, caves and carcasses, the forest was alive while the city was merely awake. Kruge whimpered as he saw a rotting leopard carcass.

''Something is wrong isn't there?!'' Came a whisper from behind. Persetheus turned to see...

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