Notes And Letters

Harper is just a normal girl, she has her faults but is mostly nice to everyone. Finley is perfection, he doesnt have any faults, he doesnt need to be nice to everyone, they just automatically like him. Is this a match made in heaven or will this end like hell?


1. Preface

My name is Harper Mitchell, but most people call me Harp, because I listen to a lot of music and I play alot of music. I can make the rowdiest baby fall asleep with the sound of my voice, or that I can awaken the dead with my violin. You probably think Im bragging but Im not, one night I was babysitting my little brother who was screaming his head off but when MTV started playing my favourite song and I sang along to it, he smiled and drifted off to sleep, or the time when my grandma had fallen asleep in hospital when she was almost on her death bed, I was practising my violin and she sat up and smiled.

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