My Ramblings

Well this is all the things that really annoy me in education and why. Its really a rant ot get things off my chest :D. I will add more when I think of them. This is more realted to teenagers though. Enjoy...


7. The Populars

Don't even get me started on the Popular

IT IS CRAP! The lads are twats, most of the girls are fake and then there are the tag alongs. And I speak from experiance being a tag along is crap.

But having witnessed it first hand and me being a very observant person I have an insight into this group.

All the girls will wake up in a morning  and plaster on there make-up, clearly in the dark or with there eyes shut, because if they saw the state of it they would remove it immedialtly. Then they would back comb there hair until it looks like they have been electrocuted. And strut along to school

All the lads wake up either jel their hair, pull their trousers practicaly round their ankles, slap on their beanie even though it might be summer and go to school pretty much.

The popular girls school day contains bitching about other girls that they don't know, arguing with other people, act dumb,flirt with the lads and plastering on more make-up in the school toilets. And every day they do this.

They will flirt with who ever is available at the time, or if they have a boyfriend they will be very flirty with them, like seriously there is a time and place for that kind of talk. As I said in my earlier in my other paragrahs the girls bitch about people they don't. And they don't care about there feeling. SPITEFUL! Why do you do that.  And when I say plaster on make up I mean put on more orange liquid than they already. Also when they are doing this they pull this duck pout face. And they feel the need to take a photo of this, why? They also argue with fellow bitches. But they are as bad as each other. But when I say argue it's more like screaming abuse to each other down the corridor. But it the abuse will be things like 'your not pretty' 'nobody likes you'! Like seriously you both look orange and no not many people like you either. So what is the point in arguing. They argue over silly things like 'OMG you flirted with my boyfriend' like seriously the other girl more than likely just spoke with him. Then they put on the dumb act because they think it is 'cute' why on earth would you think that.  

The lads day consists of inapropriate comments, flirting, fighting, taking balls, some smoke and talking like chavs.

All the lads do is take other boys footballs and then when they get told off for it they 'claim' it wasn't them, clearly it was them. Talking to other lads and will insert an inapropriate coments wherever they can. They flirt with as many girls as possible and 'play fight' with other lads because apparently thats amusing. And on the way to and from school some even smoke fags or weed!

The tag alongs, who think they are in the the group, who are really the 'slaves' of the group see this pretty much every day. The suffer with this and will continue with it in the hope of being one day in the group

I was one of these tag alongs once and I moved groups and I tell you what it is MUCH BETTER!

There is no benefit of being in the populars it is just a Label AGAIN.  So don't ever wish to be popualr because it more than likely do nothing for you. Stick to what you know and what you know best and become the best you can be! Never EVER wish to be in the POPUALRS!

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