Beneath the Surface

Safety. Protection. Ever since her childhood, water has been her shelter.

What's your sanctuary?

This is a story written for XxJessxX's competition "JessComp", where I have chosen to write about water.

EDIT: I actually won the competition, 1st place. Thank you so much for this opportunity! It has given me so much! :)


1. Water

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

The small beads of water melted into the earth, one right after the other. The tall oak trees were towering over the defenseless pond in the middle of the forest. 

The water in it was jet black, nothing could be seen under the watery surface. Lying in the pond, was a woman.

She floated amongst the pond lilies, and the animals, living there. The sun was setting, illuminating the forest with a golden glow, yet small raindrops fell to the ground. 

Her eyes were closed. Concentrated, she listened to the sounds of the forest. Leaves falling, branches breaking, birds flying. Rain falling. An animal stepped on a twig, echoing through her peaceful mind. She could see it before her closed eyes; a rabbit, running towards its shelter, its family, and sprinting across the forest floor. 

Her hands were moving through the water, feeling the consistency her hands were touching. She loved the water. It was like her second home. With it, she felt... complete. 

The rain started coming down faster, and she loved the sound of it. She was trying to lay completely still as the cold drops touched her body. 

When it became too much, she sought shelter under the water. Her head slowly tilted back, as she let the black water engulf her. This was her sanctuary. It had been ever since her childhood. 


Her mind wandered back to the first time the water had saved her. 

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