the fight

my best so far


1. the fight

He turned around; a flash of orange zipped past him. This was it, an fight that would decide the fait of the entets. Bam! A flame hit him in the chest, breaking his rib. He fell to the floor, Gasping for air."fight mortal!" The din boomed out of the giant speakers that were the demented creature that loomed over him. Grabbed by the neck, he was hauled up into the air and slammed into a great oak tree. As he was pulled back for another attempt of break the bones, he struck the creatures scales with a small knife. He was instantly dropped 15 feet to the ground, "good one," he thought as he lay, impaled on a large rock.

 Blood covered the purple grass, thick liquid oozing from the  ripped skin. The darkness closed in, it was over, the fight the life and the world as they know it.

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