A Diving in Memories ~ færdig historie

On a diving mission for DDF (Deutsch diving federation), 19-years old Edith finds an old diary at the bottom of the sea. Edith takes it with her up and keep it secret until she's sure about who it belongs to. But when she finds out the diary is from the 18th century she don't know what to do.


2. Chapter Two


The clock is 12.30 when we gets up.

‘Nothing?’ our leader, Oswin, ask.

I shake my head. ‘Nothing’ I repeat.

‘Well. I guess we’re out of this mission until next spring’ Erika says.

‘Actually, not really. No, not yet’ Oswin says with a little smile on his lips.

Erika looks back at him. She’s confused. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean that we got a little extra mission for you guys. Don’t worry; it won’t take more than a month, and you’ll still get’s paid’ he smiles and looks at me.

‘What’s the mission about?’ I ask.

‘We just want you to take a look at all the stuff we got this year. Maybe you could point at the place where you found some of the things?’ he makes a funny face and then asks us if we’re on.

‘Alright’ Erika says with a bright smile on her faces. He turns his head to me and I nod slow.

‘Great! Same time at the headquarter. See you’ Oswin says and turn around.

I’m about to go away too when Erika grabs my shoulder.

‘Wait Edith! Thanks for helping me down there. I really appreciate that.’

‘Oh. No big deal’ I say and smile.

She smiles back and nod. She looks at me and then at the book. ‘What’s that?’

‘Nothing. Just a book.’

‘I didn’t thought you found anything down there.’

‘I didn’t either. This…. Is my own’ I lie.

‘Alright. Sorry’ she says and turn around so her brown, long, curly hair starts to shake. ‘But see you tomorrow!’

Yes. We will.

When I come back to my apartment Tom, my cat, sits in the window sill.

‘Hey there Tom’ I shout and he jumps down. I string his fur, from head to tail. I put my bag on the dinnertable and takes of my coat. I handle the book out of the  bag and put on the table to dry. I throw myself on the sofa and turn on the TV. Ah. Great finally to relax after a long day. Tom jumps up in the sofa and rub his head against me.

‘Oh poor little kitten. Didn’t Rai’ gave you anything to eat before he left?’ I stand up and walk over to the box with cat food. About Rai’. Where is he? He should be home about this time. As I think the words Rai’ enters the door.

‘Hello Darling! Had a nice day at work?’ he ask. His light hair is curly and he looks tired.

‘Well…’ in one second I think about telling him about the book. But sure; he’s sure don’t care of some old sort of book. ‘It was alright. What about you? You look tired.’

‘Is my poker face really that invisible?’ he jokes. ‘No, I’m gonna be alright. It’s just some mess on work. Nothing you should care about.’

I smile and pick up the phone.

‘What are we going to eat?’ he asks.

‘I think that it is your turn to decide’ I handle him the phone. He takes it but return it.

‘Actually, I had time to visit the super marked’ he says with a big smile on his face.

‘Oh darling! Are you going to cook for me?’ I says surprised. It’s been weeks ago we’ve ate something we cooked ourself.

‘Ehm, not exactly’ he says and handle a pizza up from his bag. His smile turns to a laugh and later a kiss.

‘Wow, this time Raimund you really impressed me’ I say and laugh.

While Rai’ puts the pizza in the oven I take the book and place it in my clothes room. Like I don’t have to care about his work, he doesn’t have to with my. Even when it isn’t my work. Really.

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