The cats of Refon temple

About cats who live in an old abandoned temple, have to fight the other cats of the nearby neighbouring ruins. The two tribes are the Refon Tribe and Sokoke Tribe, both have a prophecy that two cats will unite them, but will they realise which cats it is..........

Will not be continued, so I've labelled it as finished.


1. Prolouge

The two tribes rage war againest each other. The Sokoke tribe and all Sokoke wild cats. The Refon tribe are Javanese's and used to be worshipped by humans. The two alphas of the tribes know the prophecy that two cats are to join the trbes together, but who and which cats will it be?

Is it a strong fighter?

Or a witty hunter?

A wise medicine cat?

Suttle Guardian?

No one knows except the gods of the tribes and the cats who will bring the tribes together. But will the cats be born before the tribes destroy each other?



Refon Tribe Members:

Alpha: Templestar= Cream tom (Father of Silverpaw and Melodypaw)

Alphas mate: Pebblefrost= Grey she-cat with darker grey speckles ( Mother of Silverpaw and Melodypaw)

Deputy: Birdheart= Brwon tom with white spots

Fighters: Cinderpelt= Grey she-cat

Deadeye= Leopard yellow tom

Whitestorm= White tom

Yellowfoot= Sand yellow tom (Father of Dustpaw, Lionpaw and Olivepaw)

Apprentice Fighters: Melodypaw= Golden-coloured she-cat

Silverpaw= Silver grey tom

Hunters: Cloudheart= Tortieshell she-cat (Mother of Dustpaw, Lionpaw and Olivepaw)

Fawnfire= Brown tom

Bluepelt= Blue/grey she-cat

Apprentice Hunters: Dustpaw= Dust yellow tom

Medicine Cat: Kestrelclaw= Warm honey brown she-cat

Apprentice Medicine Cat: Lionpaw= Lion yellow tom

Guardian: Nightlover= Black she-cat with a half-moon white shape on her chest

Apprentice Guardian: Olivepaw= Reddish she-cat


Sokoke Tribe  Members:

Alpha: Diablo= Black tabby tom (Father of Dragonpaw and Soulpaw)

Deputy: Zion=grey tabby tom

Fighters: Daisy= ginger tabby she-cat (Mother of Flowerpaw, Jaypaw and Kevinpaw)

Scar= Dark brown tom with a scar over one eye (Father of Flowerpaw, Jaypaw and Kevinpaw)

Kiara= Tabby she-cat (Mother of Dragonpaw and Soulpaw)

Apprentice Fighters: Dragonpaw= Black tabby/leopard tom

Flowerpaw= White tabby she-cat

Hunters: Jaro= Silver tabby tom

Apprentice Hunters: Soulpaw tortieshell/tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Kally= Brown tabby she-cat

Apprentice Medicine Cat: Kevinpaw= tabby tom

Guardian: Yasmin= sand yellow tabby she-cat

Apprentice Guardian: Jaypaw= grey tabby tom



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