The mystery of Agent Swift


1. The reaveal

"This is agent Swift reporting for duty ," I mumbled maturely into my muffled microphone.

"Bobby? Is that you? I thought you were...chshsh chshsh!"

"Are you still there?" I said worridly, it's typical as well though I'd just finished rebuilding my radio connection satilite [R.C.S.]

"I'm breaking up, Bobby can you hear me?"

"Yes, yes I can hear you, perfectly!" I mimiced sarcastically into the mic.

"No time for stupidity! Chshshsh,"

Ah that muffley sound is so anoying, it's like that sound you hear when you carn't find connection for the right radio station, anoying isn't it?

"I'm back, we all thought you were dead Swift, I don't think anyone has ever suvived that, never mind you!"

" I may be abit clumsy but you don't have to judge me on that!!!" I replied with a strong tone, then we just lost each other, the connection went dead...      

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