The Night of my dreams was the beginning of my reality

My first attempt at poetry.This is for the new picture prompt competition about love.Hope you like it!!!


1. Special Moment

You walked into my lonely life,

and turned my life upside down

i used to feel scared

but i feel safe in your arms.



When our lips touch,

were lost in love,

It feels like i am soaring high


I used to not believe in love,

but that was before i met you.

Love brought you to me,

and you who lit up my world.


You stole my heart,

you stole my soul,

but that was only for you.


I was a wild crazy guy,

before i met you and fell heads over heels in love.

You're perfect the way you are,

Like a angel from heaven just for me.


When i'm with you,

i can be myself and love you the way i can.


when we act in passion i forget everything else,

But you,cause this is True love,

and wherever you are ,

you will always be in my heart.

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