The underdogs 2

It is the second story about the 3 underdogs, Tomoki, Trym and Victor.


1. Prom time

So the 4 boys went to prom, and when they got to the school and into the hall, then the prom started. But right when the music started then they saw Jeremy! But they should not have screamed "Jeremy!!!" Because when they screamed that then he ran away. Carla felt bad because she thought it was her fault that all this happened to Jeremy, and I kind of agree with her. But Niamh, Daniels girl, actually went up to Kiril and kissed him, and Kiril liked it!!! So he kissed with Niamh all night. Daniel actually got really sad, and we understand him, because it was his girl! But the prom ended and Trym said "I guess we are only 3 now, because I guess Kiril is not in our group anymore." All 3 boys agreed. But the 3 boys went home, so they had to wait 3 days to see each other again.

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