Glass Eyes

This poem was written for a close friend who became anorexia but got better! I tried to support her as much as I could through this horrible time and hope I helped her. So this is just about how the disorder affects people from my point of view and also how I felt for my friend xx


1. Glass Eyes

When you first do it you feel the emptiness,

The monster as the only meal to keep me full,

But I knew it would merely grow until it became death's kiss,

Although as I stand in front of the mirror the thought didn't arise at all,


Glass eyes stare back with sunken cheeks stretched under pale skin,

Health disappears along with flesh and personality,

It is now only a hollow shell trying not to let the monster win,

As the worst became our reality


Finally there is a connection,

The real person shocked by recognition,

But as she glances at her reflection,

We lose our friend without our permission


But Monsters can be defeated like the ones in your bedroom at night,

I knew you wouldn't return without an unfair fight


Even though my friend is back it won't be the same,

I will always protect you more so now but don't ever feel the blame

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