One Man's Nightmare is Another Man's Dream

Have you ever heard the expression ' One man's trash is another man's treasure'? In this story I illustrate the unusual surprise that brings one family the salvation they need. But, it is something most would consider a nightmare...


1. Beginning of Depair

The Lakens were an average British family, like almost every British family they were in debt, overweight and more than anything they were quite bleak in nature. An economic recession had swooped over Britain, as the unemployment rate attacked; on top of this the banks had more schemes than ever to trick people into loans and mortgages. A subdued, debt ridden nation was inevitable.


Mr and Mrs Laken, like many other couples, purchased an unnecessarily large house with the comfort of what they thought was a good mortgage. Spoilt by upper-middle class luxuries John and Jenny Laken demanded the latest gadgets and gear. All these factors snowballed into a black hole of debt, impossible to escape from.


For years the government took no notice of their negative accounts, but with the economy collapsing debt collectors began knocking at the door, handwritten threats made their way into the post and stern phone calls started to ring once too often. The whole situation had declined so much so that the Lakens refused to answer the door or the receiver.


Under the stress Mr Laken hid in a state of absolute depression which then caused his spouse to reciprocate. It seemed the entire dilemma was separated into seven sectors much like the seven rings of hell. There was debt, depression, fear, desire, desperation, destruction and worst of all lost hope.

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