If you only knew me

When you bully someone you feel power beyond measure.You feel so happy destroying someone life.A story about a bully who takes things too far who no one knows why he bullies.Only he knows the truth.


1. The way it has to be


I shoved Jen into a locker.She started to sob begging for me to let her go I began laughing.I wasn't going to let her go she hurt me more she made me want to kill myself her and her gang and they were going to pay.

"Casey,please let me go please"Jen pleaded.

"No way why should i,it's people like you who destroy people's lives and you will pay"i shouted.

"Please Casey"Jen whispered.I wrapped my hand around her neck and tightened my grip.

"Casey"Jen whispered in a weak voice.I smiled as my grip became more and more tight.Jen tried to break free.I squeezed her neck tighter until i was sure she was dead.I took my hand out and into my pocket.Jen lay on the floor motionless.I took the ring out of her pocket the one i had gave to her before i knew how horrible Jen really was and pressed my lips firmly to her lips.Her blonde hair covered with mud and her neck bruised black.I pulled her leg and dragged her into the darkness.

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