Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


1. Beginning


It was the year of 1918. The year my life changed forever . The year I became a vampire.

My name, Rose Pierce. The name Rose was given to me from my outsanding red hair, the same colour as a red rose. I had a normal life a life where I was spoiled with gifts from men who liked me, but there were very little men who I liked. I was eighteen when I died. And the night that I became a vampire was the worst night of my life.

It all started when I left my friends house late. I noticed a cluster of men near a street lamp. I was planning to walk past them so swiftly that they wouldn't even notice me, although my uneasiness made it very difficult. As well as costing it my life.

The smell coming from them was revolting, so I knew in an instant what it was. Alcohol. and a strong one at that. So I could tell by their laghs and actions that they were drunk. Very drunk.

As I walked past a man with golden hair snatched me from behind and locked his arms tight around me in a choak hold. He ripped of my , favourite, coat so fast that the buttons popped off and scattered around the street, making a sound like pins as they fell to the ground.

"Get off me !" My voice was suppose to sound ferce but instead it sounded unsteady as it screeched it's way into my own ears.They ignored me completely. It was like I was a dear in the path of a a mighty Wolf. "Let me go. Please. Please just let me go!"

Their laughs were getting louder and louder. Why was no one coming? Could they not hear the wailing coming from my mouth?

Eventually the tall dark haired one spoke, "we could but were not quite finished yet." The way he spoke, he tried to make it sound harmless rarther than harsh, but I could tell how it was meant. I could tell what they all meant. I could tell the vile, repulsive things he was thinking. What they all were thinking.

The other man looked familiar. He rang a dim bell in what my brother had once called an unimaginative mind. 

Unimaginative because my mind was just that. I had no imagination even as a child. I could be told the scariest ghost story known to man, but effect that they had to me was shameful. I could sit their for hours being told ghost story's while my siblins would be wetting them selves under the protection of their bed covers. Even my brothers would be scared stiff, and my father tried his best to try to recover them though that made no difference.

It was then that the bell was ringing, and ringing hard,in both my ears and and my mind.The blonde man his name was Charles, he was one of the many people that worked in my fathers bank.

Edwardian bank so named after my father,Edward Pierce. The best most fancest bank in the whole of town. It was the bank where rich people would come to either collect or conceal their money, jewels or treasured belongings.

If they left me alive then my farther would be kicking out Charles in one heart beat and then down the police station in another.I dread to think the kind of things farther would be saying to him.

Charles then both sharply and painfully ripped of my hat taking the pins from my hair along with it. I made a long, agonizingly, painful scream, when the pins came out my hair because they were taking some of the hair along with them, pulling the hair straight out from the roots.

The men all seemed to like the sound of my pain. The pain that was telling my legs to run and run fast but having no response. It was the pain that sent the chill down my spine. The pain that made the hairs on my neck stand up. Nothing could be worse than this pain, but I was wrong.So very very wrong.

The man in the corner, well more of a boy than a man, was staring at me with pain filled eyes. As if he wanted to help me. He was proberly a foolish boy who made the wrong decision,the desision to go with these men to prove to somone that he was usefull, sombody worth something.How on earth he got in to that position was beyond me? He looked uncomfortable here,like he didn't belong in this scean,although how on earth somone would belong in this scean was inpossible to answer.

As I struggled the man who held me grasped me tighter,it seemed to be a reflex to him to be cruel and cold. It was second nature to them to be like this, even a sophisticated man like Charles.What made them be like this?

Charles began to talk again,it had felt like a millennium before anybody had spoken,"don't you think she is beautiful Geoffrey."

"Well its hard to say while shes acting this way. Maybe we can find a way to convince her of how lucky she really is."Everyone was now either cheering or laughing at what Geoffrey had said.

It was at that point that I started to get angry,it was an anger I had never felt before.It was like there was something inside me hidden away,but now it's protection from humanity  was coming away and revealing somthing bright and dangerous.It wasnt a feeling of fear any more it was anger fresh, pure anger.They could all sense what was happening to me, trying to act fast but they were to slow.

I all but attacked Geoffrey as I came free from my prison of the arms that held me.They may of been slow, but that began to change like a flash of lightning.They were linked in a circle, making escaping impossible. They were tossing me back and forth from each other making me feel dizzy.

I wasn't very good at trying to hurt them back because I was never taught how to do this stuff I was never told how to do self-defence.Why would I need to learn? Who would hurt me?

That thought brang me back down to earth.Back down the the men harassing me. Hurting me. Making me bleed.And above of all giving me a fate worse than death.As my dim thoughts came to the present, I was noticing the amount of blood around me.It was my blood.My white dress was now unnoticeable as it was the colour of red. Dark red.

I felt something hit at the back of my head knocking me down on to the floor. This,this was indescribable. My head wouldn't wrap its self around it.When I hit the ground their was an  thud making my blood flow and forcing my eyes to be surrounded by the cold black place called death.

When I woke I realised that the place I went to wasn't death though it felt just as bad.The men were stumbling their way along the street , most likely looking for another victim of their curse.A curse that was now in my sight, it was the never ending tunnel.The tunnel to the land of darkness.They had left me there thinking I was dead,and believe me death was the thing I wanted most,dead was the only thing I wanted to be.I wanted to die.      

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