Pokemon: Erica

Erica has just recently turned ten, and like all children. Dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master. After receiving her first Pokemon, which her Mother gifted to her. She makes her way through the world of Pokemon with her best friends Alice and Sam. She must collect all the gym badges before she can come anywhere near to becoming a Pokemon Master.


1. My First Pokemon

I woke up, and shook with excitement. I jumped out of my bed, and ran around the room a few times. I changed into a clean set of clothes and ran downstairs after jumping around for a few moments. It was like Christmas, Easter and my Birthday were all thrown into one. My Birthday was last week but still. Today is the day I start a life dream. I'm going to set off into the world and try to catch them all. I don't know what my first Pokemon was, I still have to decide. Between Squirtle, a water type Pokemon (Water is my favourite type) Charmander a fire type, and Bulbasaur a grass type. They're not my favourite Pokemon though, but they're all still cute. I got into the kitchen, and saw my Mum and Dad were at the bottom of the stairs. Obviously knowing that I was up and ready to go. (Also they probably heard me jumping around upstairs) My Dad looked at my unapprovingly, but he smiled too. "Did you even wash this morning?" he ruffled my hair like the child I was. I shook my head, and my Mum laughed.              


"So are you ready to go out in the world on your own?" she asked being her mothering hen self. "Hell yeah, but I won't be alone. I'll be with Alice and Sam," I pointed out. Sam and Alice have been my best friends since before I can remember. Our Mums are all good friends, and still are I guess. I couldn't stop smiling, I'm really excited. "Don't forget your backpack," Mum reminded me. I clapped my hands together as I skipped over to the table where I had prepared everything the night before. I chucked it over my shoulders. And rushed for the front door, running to meet up with Jack and Sam. "Hey! Aren't you opening you leaving present?" Dad called. I stopped in my tracks, "Present?" I said with curiosity. They smiled, Mum nodded at Dad and he left the room. Mum went over to the sofa, and patted next to her for me to sit down. I was even more excited, I couldn't keep still. "What is it?" I asked interested and wanting to know what it was. "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprised." "Ahhh, damn it," she laughed.


Then Dad walked in with a green box with a large red ribbon tied over it. Yay! It was a big present, I bounced on the sofa and smiled a massive grin on my face. He set the large box on my lap, I started to tear through the ribbon. "Don't be so vicious to the box," Mum scolded. I pulled the ribbon and it came undone. I let the excitement rush through my veins for a moment, and I lifted the top of the box and gasped. I pair of large brown eyes looked up at me, cutely adorable. And tilted it's furry brown head, and let out a little noise. I couldn't help but say 'Awwww.' My first Pokemon was so cute, it jumped from the box and onto the sofa beside me. And  held out my arms, and it jumped into them. And I squeezed light it in a embracing friendly hug.

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