Sorrow in my Soul

There lives a girl whose parents are too busy to see their daughter's sorrow.They give her money but money doesn't buy happiness.Every day the pain grows stronger and stronger but she's been silenced.It cuts deep into her heart and into her soul.This story is written from the view of the bully and the victim.For the Bullying Competition please support me and hit like,favourite and give me advice if you like it.


1. Victim

I close my eyes and go up to my mum to tell her the truth about my life.

"Alena happy birthday sweetie"my mum whispers.

"Mum,"i began to say when my mum interrupts me.

"I've got to go sweetie bye"my mum whispers giving me a kiss on the head and placing a box of chocolates in my hand.

I force my mouth to a smile and grab my school bag and walk slowly to school hoping the school was on fire and all my enemies burnt inside.I look at the school building and taking a breath walk inside hoping that Susan hadn't seen me.No luck she walked to me her eyes darting to me and giving me a horrible look.

"Hello!nappy pants,oh you got me sweets"Susan shouted taking the box of sweets from my hand.

"It's my birthday"I mumble.

"Oh!It's nappy pants birthday"Susan shouts loudly.I close my eyes and try to stop the tears falling from my face.

"Look everyone nappy pants is crying"Susan exclaims.

"Why do you have to bully me"I mumble.Susan stares at me.

"What did you say?"Susan screams.

"Nothing"I reply.

"Don't lie to me"Susan shouts and hits me with her fist.I cry and hold my nose blood pouring out of my nose and I close my eyes and fall in pain.

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