My Brother, Dave

A moving story about a 16 year old girl who is the only person to know about his brother's tragic, unexpected death. Will she have the courage to confess everything to her family?


1. 19th November 2003

My name is Josephine Roberts. I was six years old when I witnessed the death of my brother, Dave. I watched the whole thing with my very own eyes. I called for Daddy; he didn't answer. I screamed for Mummy; she didn't answer. So I just watched my brother, screaming for help. I wanted to help him. I couldn't. I'd had enough of watching, I rushed to my room, dreading my mummy to find me. So I listened to the ghastly screams my mummy and daddy couldn't hear. I could not tell them the truth or even lie. It had to be my secret and my secret only. And, since then, I have never forgotten that very moment.

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