Till de End

This story is about a girl who wants to find her way back to her childhood home so she can be free after her parents die in a car crash and she has to live with these horrible people. Its her only chance of her having her freedom. Also she falls in love with someone that she never thought would happen...


1. My Childhood...


I grew up in a small village when I was a little girl, as I grew up I discovered more and more skills that became useful when it came to a difficult time where money was a struggle. I was never one of them who stayed inside the cottage, oh no…I was more of the type that couldn't stay in! I loved to explore, I still do now I just don’t have as much time as I used to.  I’m now living in New York; my dad has a new job that is much better for my family. But you see I don’t want to stay here in New York I wanted to stay at my childhood house, next to the woods were I could be free and have fun. Especially to escape the real world and enter my imagination, I love to imagine stuff it makes me feel more alive. Also it wasn’t only me on my own it was my best friend Charlie, me and him knew each other since we were one years old! We had the same personality, we both love adventures, imagining stuff out of this world…. Unfortunately for me, I had to say goodbye to him and since then I have never seen him again.  Well it’s been two years since then, I just wonder what adventures could happen here in New York? 

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