Seven Deadly Virtues

There are 7 rules.
Break one and the penalty?


Thrown into a new world, as a slave to a powerful lord, Astella is forced to adapt...

in more than one way.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism,as I am new to this, if you have the time :) thanks for reading


1. Rules

Rule one, the law is the law. I must obey. - Justice

"Astella..." I hear the creepy voice from round the corner. More tests would be done, until he found what he was looking for. I walked, slowly and evenly (just how he liked me to), into the room where he was. The walls were all white, as was the floor. Silver cabinets surrounded the walls, with giant complex chemistry sets set up all over them. In the middle of the room was a large, glass cylindrical chamber. He looked at me for a moment, then frowned. "What is that you are wearing?" He asked sharply. I looked down at the long, purple dress I was wearing.

"A dress... sir." I added quickly.

"And what colour?"

"Purple, Sir."

"You should know the law by now Astella." He said meanly. It was the law that bright colours were meant only for the upper class, slaves like myself, were only supposed to wear white, grey or brown.

"I'm sorry, sir, I saw it in the cupboard and it was so beautiful.. " I whimpered. He laughed.

"Do not worry Astella, you are useful so I shall not punish you.... anyway onto today's work... enter the chamber if you please."

I sighed, but said nothing and walked forward into the glass chamber. The door slammed shut behind me and a needle entered my arm. I screamed as a searing pain sped through to my shoulder. He gestured for me to be quiet from outside.  

Rule two, one must not make any unneeded noises, movements or expressions. - Self-restraint

Then he concentrated on the screen in front of him, showing various readings about me. He smiled. I could not see the screen and I did not know what these tests were for, but obviously they were going well. He moved some of the dials and pressed a few buttons, more pain surged through me, right to my feet. I gritted my teeth, but made no movement or sound. Then it stopped. The urge to gasp became too great.


"S..Sorry." I gasped. He then turned his back and paced over to the side of the room and took a flask, filled with a suspicious crimson liquid. He walked over to the edge of the glass chamber and showed me the flask, the red liquid was thick and dark; blood.

Rule three, you must, wilfully do what your master asks. - Willingness

"I need some of your's." He said opening the door and passing me a long knife and the flask. I released a tiny sigh and brought the knife up to my arm. A maroon drop of blood slid down my arm, which I collected in the flask. I handed the flask back to him and, after seeing him holding the door open still, stepped out of the chamber.

Rule four, your master must be able to trust you and in return you can trust him for his fairness. - Trust

"You should come back in one hour, I can trust you to do that?" He threatened. I nodded and returned to my room. It was very beautiful, all pure white. I went to the wardrobe and selected a white dress, so I did not upset my master again. I wondered what he might be doing with my blood and why it would take an hour, I guessed I would find out later. I remembered when I first got to this horrible place, two and a half months ago. I was at school and this man came in to see my class, he said he needed four girls and four boys to stay after school and compete in a biology competition. I was chosen. After school, we were all sat in the biology lab, excited to find out what was going to happen, when suddenly the world started spinning and flashing blue, yellow and red and we found ourselves in a cellar.

Rule five, survival of the fittest: only they deserve to live - Contest

The room we were in was very dark and cramped, however after a while our eyes began to adjust, so we saw, in the centre of the room, a note which read: he in white have a chance to fight, the rest will feel the bite. No one really understood what this meant, but I saw a  white piece of cloth in the room, I bent down and picked it up, guessing the meaning of the note. I wrapped it around my waist like a belt. Moments later a massive white lion appeared out of nowhere, it raced towards the others and swept them down with one swipe of a massive strong paw, then sunk his large canines into them. I watched in shock as my friends died before me, they called out for me, but I wouldn't stand a chance to save them against the lion. Their screams will haunt me for the rest of my live.

Rule six, one must show that they are willing. - Sacrifice

After this, avoiding the blood which had pool across the floor, I walked towards the heavy stone door, and realised it was locked. I wondered, puzzled for a moment, then saw another note tied to the handle of the door. It read Are you willing? => Pointing towards a small dagger hanging on the door. I sighed, realising the meaning. Picking up the knife I slid it smoothly into my forearm, a drip of ruby blood ran down to my hand, I carefully wiped this onto the cold, stone door handle. The lock clicked open. I ran through.

I grimaced remembering the story. Then I noticed the hour had nearly finished and I started to walk towards the room with the lab and him in. 

"Enter the chamber," he said as I approached. I did so. "I never told you rule seven, did I?" he added. "Obedience"

As he said that, he turned a few dials and flicked a switch. The he laughed. Pain shot up through my body and I lost conciousness.

Rule seven, you must do what you are told regardless of moral and without question or hesitation - Obedience

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