Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


1. Prologue


I walked into the restaurant and took up a counter as all the tables were taken. It was already almost midday so I was debating whether to order breakfast or go right ahead to the lunch.

  “Excuse me”, said a soft voice and I felt a hand on my shoulder

 Turning around, I saw a very lovely looking woman in front of me.

  “Are you Mr. Trevor Fernandez?” she asked and when I answered in affirmative she pointed in the direction of a guy sitting alone in one of the tables closest to the exit and said, “My name is Barbara and that’s my husband Jeff. He says he knows you, that you were once classmates in school.”

“I’m, ah, sorry, but I don’t recognize you guys.”

“Jeff Anderson. North canyon, phoenix, Arizona. Does that help?” she asked.

“Umm no, doesn’t ring a bell. I really don’t remember him” I replied and looked over to the guy at the table. He waved at me and I gave a sad sort of smile and nodded, then returned back to the menu.

              Barbara left my counter looking a little embarrassed and disappointed. But she had managed to trigger my curiosity so I couldn’t help it when my eyes dragged themselves to the table where the couple sat.

              That guy, Jeff, looked a little uncomfortable and lifted his right leg with his hands and placed it on the left and sat crossed leg. That’s when I realized the guy has lost his control over one of his legs and that’s when I started to recollect where I met him before. Pieces of my long forgotten childhood came back to me as though the lightning struck my mind and opened the Pandora box. I remembered that he was a fellow from my early high school days. He was ‘The Jeff’ from 10th grade. The man who made my life as miserable as he could make it. 

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