Lost Smiles

Shiro has an emptiness in his heart that he has been living with for 8 years now. If only he had known just one more rule of the demon world; Don't Touch Flowers.


2. Night-Time

After Victoria's visit, I couldn't even try to sleep. I paced my room restlessly and thought over and over again about Hannah and Ariette. The girl I loved, and the girl who would rid me of the curse I was forced to let rule my life.

As the clock struck 2 in the morning, I found myself sat in the music parlor, the sound of my violin echoed through the empty halls of my domain. At night, all my servants faded back into the shadows from where my father had created them. I was never supposed to be alone in these hollow halls. It was supposed to be a safe place for my to grow up away from the dangers of the demon-realm.

When I was 11, after Hannah had disappeared from the party, I hadn't slept. All the guests, including my parents had left the premises, and I was supposed to be fast asleep in my room. But instead, I had felt the urge to find her. I felt like she was still with me somewhere. So, I put on my pajamas's and slipped out of bed. I walked down the stairs and corridors of the mansion without making a noise. It wasn't until I discovered the music room that I made even a peep of sound. I tripped over a stool and fell into a pile of un-used drums. No-one came running. No-one asked me about it in the morning. So the next night I had searched for servants. Over the following weeks I discovered I was completely alone until 5am, when the shadows arrived and prepared the mansion for my day's activity. So I had sought to teach myself an instrument. I had this room full of instruments, and a completely empty house in which I could play as loudly as I wished. 

But this 'mansion' is still a bird cage. 

As my fingers folded around the wooden neck of my violin, I raised my head and stared out of the window. I could see my reflection clearly upon the glass. My dark inky blue hair hung upon my head, messy from my restless night and the fact I had tied the very back into a small ponytail until my next hair-cut. I was wearing a grey t-shirt and a pair of 'jeans' that some-one had given me for a birthday present from the human world. They were apparently supposed to make ones legs look skinny. I raised the bow with my right arm and placed it on the strings before drawing my wrist back to emit a piercing note that echoed through the mansion. Every note was a rebellious release from the stress. Every note was what I wanted it to be. I was finally in control of some part of my life.

I explored the strings and played until the clock in the corner chimed half 4, then put the instrument back and ascended the stairs again, returning to my room and collapsing onto the bed. My head sunk into the pillows and I slept.

I dreamt that my father found out about the music room and destroyed it. Tearing my wings from my back and banishing me to live life among the humans. I was surrounded by white roses, their thorns ripped and tore at my skin until I was covered in dark purple blood. A girl with snowy white hair sat above the thorns, safe and sound on top the the silky petals. She was didn't smile once. She just stared at me with empty black eyes.


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