Criminal Minds Fan Fiction.

I know Criminal Minds is a TV show but I wanted to make a fan-fiction. Hope you like it. It's based on the episode called Revelations. (The 15th episode in the 2nd series.)


1. Revelations.

Ring!  Ring! I picked up my phone still confused after being asleep.

‘Hello?’ I said

‘Agent Laura? It’s Hotch. We ugh need you down here. Now.’ I sighed.

‘I’ll be right there.’ I put my phone in my pocket. Lucky I slept in my jeans.I pulled on a clean shirt and ran to my black car. I practically broke the speed limit driving but wasn’t pulled over once. Guess the police don’t work at 4 in the morning. Jeesh. 4 o’clock and somehow I’m wide awake. Guess that comes with working in the FBI. I walked into the office. Empty.

‘I swear. If you’ve prank called me again Morgan! I will.....’

‘In here Laura.’ Oh Morgan’s here too. Goodie. I walked into the briefing room.

‘Laura, we need to ask you a few questions.’ I nodded and followed into the interrogation room. ‘So. One of our agents was kidnapped last night.’ I gave him the Go on I’m confused look. ‘Well we just wanted to know how well you know this agent and to know if you’ll help us find him?’ I thought over all the people in the office but I'd only seen Morgan and Hotch.


‘Agent Reid.’ I tried to hold back tears. Reid can’t be gone. I thought. No not Reid. ‘Did you know him?’ I shook my head. He left the room to speak to Morgan. JJ saw me. She waved. I forced a smile back. She looked like she was explaining a ring or something to the guys. Hotch came back in.

‘Apparently Reid is supposed to be engaged to someone, he told us a little while ago.’ I shrug my shoulders. But I do care. ‘This is a picture of the engagement ring’ He holds up the picture then looks at my hand. He knows. ‘So. Your sure you don’t know Reid?’ He turns to leave. I know he’s waiting for me to say it.

‘We’re getting married.’ He sits back down.

‘Wait. Youand Reid are getting married.’ I hear shock in his voice. He was expecting Lindsey, my sister, to be with him. ‘We thought...’

‘You thought Lindsey was with him. It’s fine. Just tell me what you expect me to do.’

‘We reckon he is a schizophrenic. And we would like you on the field.’

‘I’m only a Language Specialist, Hotch.’

‘And a field agent. I’ve seen you train.’ I roll my eyes.




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