The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


1. The Arrival Of My Friends!

Another boring day at school. It weren't really boring, well it was boring. However I had my friends with me to talk to. Maybe that's why I felt happy today. It was still an early morning, children walking inside with there heads down. Some falling asleep, must of stayed up too late. Thinking back to the other days that I have had here. Well I guess today was just like any other day to some of my classmates. So why did I feel that today was a great day?. As I turned around facing the school entrance gates. I saw my friends, some of them were laughing and some were well too energetic. Nothing ever changes with them, they are always hyper as heck.

Bending down to pick up a coin that someone must of dropped. I grabbed the coin using my two fingers, my index finger hooked around the edge. As I lifted the coin into the air, I felt the cold air from the open window brush against my skin. Finally having the coin at eye level, I read the date on the bottom edge of the coin. Using my dark aqua blue eyes, I attempted to try to read the numbers as I squinched my eyes. Rolling both eyes left and right trying to read the date of the coin. I finally managed to read the date, 1995 it read as I moved my eyes down, no longer facing the coin in direct view. Placing the firm cold coin in my left pocket, as I scratched my arm off the door handle by accident. I guess that's what I deserve since I weren't looking where I was going.

Just waited ten whole minutes, relaxing against the cracked wall with my legs flat on the ground. I have to admit I was bored that day, relaxing against the wall cooled down my patience. Since I always carry a small blue folded mirror in my back pocket. Looking around with my tired eyes, trying to avoid teachers attention. I slowly reached into my back pocket while my eyes were focusing on what's around me. Slowly and steadily using my left hand to pull out my mirror as I felt a cold draft come from the air vent behind me. Before I had the chance to open my blue folded mirror, Sasha one of my friends came over to me.

"The first school bell is about to ring for registration" Sasha said with a strong smell of alcohol coming from her breathe. The smell was strong enough to knock someone out, not to be rude but her breathe smelt horrible. Her long brown hair was blown into my face by the cold chilling wind. Almost made me sneeze alerting everyone to look at me. The problem was when someone sneezes in public, someone always says bless you. However in my school, everyone will just stare at you while shouting mean comments in front of your face. I remember a kid who used to go to this school ages ago, he was bullied for sneezing allergies. He then left this school since his father wanted him to be happy not upset. 

Studying in this school is also a hazard. In this school there are different types of people and gangs. Me and my friends have named each individual group. We call the group that threatens people for food, food hogs. The group that kick you in sports for failing on their team, we call them kick starters. The other group that beats you up for money, we call them penny pincher's. The final group are the worst, they do anything they feel like. They drink alcohol in front of the teachers as they also smoke behind the school. It took me and my friends a while to name this group, we finally came up with a conclusion on what to name them. We call them the dumb one's, since they always do dumb things for fun. From their point of view it may not be dumb, to me and my friends it's most certainly dumb.

Still waiting next to the wall with Sasha talking to me about her life at home as I ignored her whole conversation. "Did you understand all that Kessy?" Sasha asked with a stronger smell coming from her breathe. I nodded my head slowly as the wind brushed against my hair. The registration bell had now just rang, finally I thought to myself. Our teacher who does registration is an okay teacher, always asking over thirty questions a day. He is a nice person to speak to, only when your down in the dumps really. Sometimes he comes into school looking like a un professional teacher. 

The best thing about Mr Andrew is that he loves to do outside activities. Yeah I will admit he can be a pain in the ass, that's teachers for you though. Mr Andrew was a different type of teacher in my eyes. He was the best teacher we have ever had, Believe me I know a bad teacher when I see one. Mr Elelphanty was our last teacher, he had an un usual name. He got bullied by my friends and my classmates everyday, until he moved house to find a better job. 

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