Skater girl

Skater girl -Thats what they all call her- have had a crush on this one guy for eternity. And now only cause he doesn't seem to notice her pathetic ass, she's going out with the hottest guy in town. A guy who every girl is drooling after and couldn't be more wrong for her, also, he's blackmailing her. But she have to date him, how else would she win her crush's love and if she don't, her date will tell her secret for anyone to hear. And she wouldn't want that.

... The song in the video is the one I thought of when I made this Movella, hope you'll like it! :) ...


1. Skater-girl

You might wonder why everyone's calling me skater-girl. Well, it's quite obvious. I like skating. There, told you it was obvious. I don't own any bike or car so I take my board everywhere. And, I'm good at it. Actually better than all the guys I know. Not to brag. I just know I am. So they have told me, even though they don't like a girl being better then them.

Wait a minute! I'm not better than Every guy. There's this one guy, who still wont even look at me, after all I have done, we have done and he's quite awsome at what he does. His name is Wes. I have absolutely no idea what his full name is...

Anyhow. This diary/story/something - I have no idea what it should be called- is about him. Mostly anyway. It all started with him. Well, Wes, me and Luke. Mostly Wes though. If it wheren't for him I hadn't gone out with Luke and I'd be perfectly happy. Screw him. What the hell did he have to enter my life for? So if anyone wonder, I'm writing this for I don't wanna go hit someone. My first target would be Wes.

Happy thoughts, I'll start from the beggining now...

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