Titanic: Sunken Dreams

Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill and her companion Miss Ruth Taussig have already lived and survived the disaster, but now it's time for the truth. Based on a real survivor. Aimed at EVERYONEWHOKNOWSABOUTTITANIC-EVERYONEWHOLOVESTITANIC years old!


1. The Ship of Dreams

Titanic. The ship of dreams. The unsinkable.There are so many titles you could flatter her with but not one of them could describe her amount of passengers. Oh, I'm terribly sorry but I don't believe I've introduced myself. I am Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill, sixteen years of age. I boarded the Titanic with my lovely companion, Miss Ruth Taussig, who was seventeen when we boarded and turned eighteen years of age throughout the journey. My other lovely companion was Mr. John Borland jr. Thayer. I remember it so clearly. The warm sunset blazing across the sleeping city as I packed my bag. John calling me on the telephone from Cherbourg. Oh sorry, but I don't believe I've told you that John and I were lovers back then. I never address him as his full title, but, I thought you might like his name for other purposes. He boarded with his family in Cherbourg just at the end of his yearly family trip. I'd known him since I was little, when we played in the garden while our Mothers spoke during tea. I remember John telling me that my face was naturally pretty, and to never wear make-up, that my eyes were as sparkly as sunset on a calm sea. He told me my hair was so wavy and shiny, and to never ever put rollers in. Then he told me he loved me. I had been keeping the exact same feeling inside for so long that it was a relief to tell him the same. If you're wondering about wealthiness, we live in a fairly spacious apartment in Los Angeles, as planned before the maiden voyage of the Mighty Titanic, but before the big launch, I lived in an extremely big house, not far from Southampton harbour, with my mother, father, younger sister Isabel, and dear kitten Sugar-cube. The worst parting was with Isabel. She kept tugging my arm, and finally when I had a spare second, I asked her what she wanted. She simply said "15th April 1912!" I told her that I didn't understand, and then she said that that would be a life changing day. I stupidly chose to ignore her. The clock struck 8 of the clock and I stood up to bid my family a final farewell when... Wait, I better tell you from the beginning. Make yourself comfortable.

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