Running out of Hope

Liana has never fit in school.But once she hits high school her world truns upsiude downs her parents leave her,my friends hate her and she gets bullied.School is never fun but now school seems like hell.She wants to live a easy life but she is running out of Hope.For the both sides of the story-Bullying competition.Please give me support and hit like,favourite and give me comments.


2. The Pain

One day they pushed me and took all my school books and flushed it in the toilet.When I went to tell the teacher she told me to stop being a snitch.I told the headteacher and they got in trouble.But now they bully me even more.They threaten me that if I tell ever again I would be dead meat.I'm so scared i can't tell anybody.They made me keep my mouth shut.They scare me.They give me dirty looks.Someone save me from hell.

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