Bailey is 14, she has been bullied her whole life because she has been small. Will she kill herself? Rabbit is 11, she is bullied because of her name, how will she deal with it? This story is about two girls who are bullied. This is my entry for the bullying competition.


3. Rabbit: How it all started

It all started this year. Some people in my class thought my name was funny. I haven't told anyone. Why should I be a grass? No one likes a grass.
I don't have any friends, it's probably because of my name. They are probably scared that if they are friends with me then they will get picked on too. No one sticks up for me, they see me cry and they ignore me. I get called a cry baby because I cry so much. They don't know Mum has cancer, they don't know Dad died two years ago. They don't know I have to live with Nan, Mum sold our house because she couldn't afford it. She got diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago. Mum caught it late and the doctors think it may have spread. If Mum dies then I will have no one.
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