Normandy Boarding School

Normandy Boarding School is about a girl named Ashley who finds herself in a sticky situation when it comes to bullying. All her life she has gotten what she wanted no matter what. She manages to talk her parents into relocating her to this prestigious school thinking that her wit and charisma will guide her through the year. Ashley is soon accepted by a group of hateful girls after they find out she was the leader of her own bullying clique back at her old school. However, as soon as she settles in she starts to see visions of another girl that lived in her room many years ago named Valery O'Connell. Valery O'Connell is determined to show Ashley her life and death because she feels that Ashley holds the key to turning things around at Normandy Boarding School.


2. The First Night


Chapter 2  

Ashley sat her tray down between Claudia and Nancy. Soon everyone was pouring into the hall and the sound of laughter could be heard from one side of the room to the next side. One voice seemed to ring out louder than any other sound, but nobody seemed to care.   

“Oh my gosh who laughs like that?” Ashley asked as she looked around.

“That would be Clair. She is so much fun. You must meet her. I will introduce you to her,” said Nancy as she pushed her chair aside.  

“Well introduce us after I eat because I’m starved. I can’t meet and greet on an empty stomach,” replied Ashley as she stuck a large piece of roast beef in her mouth.  

“No worries, she is on her way over here. I knew it was just a matter of time. She has to give you her seal of approval after all. We are a close family here,” said Claudia.  

“Hello, I’m Clair, and you are?”  

“My name is Ashley.”  

“Oh poor you, I would die if my parents named me that. I see you’re from the states too.”

“Well I wouldn't want to be called Clair either, it reminds me of a sitcom mom, or is it mum?”   

“I see, you are a witty one! I like a girl that can hold her own. Why did you pick Normandy?” Clair asked.  

“Normandy has the best swim team in the world, not to mention prestige. My parents were willing to pay the big bucks, so why not send me here?”  

“True, but Normandy isn’t the easiest of schools. You have no idea how many girls run from this place each year.”  

“I’m not worried about it!”  

“Oh, well it was nice meeting you, Ashley. I’m sure we will talk later.”  

Ashley looked at the other girls which were now looking back at her with a giant smile on their face. She had passed the dreaded test, now she would truly fit in with the in crowd. She looked at the other tables and noticed many faces seemed to be looking in her direction. Perhaps it was envy she thought as she smiled flipped her golden hair to the wind. After brunch Ashley decided it was time to go back to her room.   

“Well, have fun because your classes start tomorrow. Make sure you get rest because your first class will be athletics. The teacher is horrible. She makes us run laps. Can you believe that?”

“My first class is swim class, but I will go to bed early because I don’t want to be bothered by Candice.”  

After everything was put away and folded Ashley plopped down on the bed. Part of her missed Texas, but Texas was getting old quick. She looked over at Candice and then she thought about the girls and their name calling. Candice didn’t seem to be too upset about the situation. Perhaps, she didn’t care about what they thought.   

“Candice, can I ask you a question?”  


“Do you like being made fun of?”  

“No, who like being made fun of?”  

“I know, but you can lose weight if you wanted to. It’s not like your ugly.”  

“Wow, I can’t believe you just said that. Are you really this shallow?”  

“I’m not shallow.”  

“What do you call it?”  

“I’m smart, and I know how to fit in. You have been here all year and I have accomplished something you couldn’t accomplish in a year in one day.”  

“I guess you think that makes you special.”  

“Never mind, if you want to get made fun of go right ahead, ”said Ashley.  

Soon darkness spilt into the room creating the perfect potion for sleep. Ashley was almost sleep until a dark figure walked across the floor. Ashley reached for the remote to turn on the TV, but it was moved out of her reach.   

“I see you’re getting along with everyone,” stated a voice from the shadow.   Ashley looked around, but she couldn’t make the voice out. Before Ashley was able to move a dark shadow rushed in her direction and emptied itself into her body. Ashley tried to scream , but it was too much. All she could do was hold on for dear life as she felt the pressure push her onto the bed.  

“Look!” Snarled the ghost as it held Ashley at bay.    

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