Normandy Boarding School

Normandy Boarding School is about a girl named Ashley who finds herself in a sticky situation when it comes to bullying. All her life she has gotten what she wanted no matter what. She manages to talk her parents into relocating her to this prestigious school thinking that her wit and charisma will guide her through the year. Ashley is soon accepted by a group of hateful girls after they find out she was the leader of her own bullying clique back at her old school. However, as soon as she settles in she starts to see visions of another girl that lived in her room many years ago named Valery O'Connell. Valery O'Connell is determined to show Ashley her life and death because she feels that Ashley holds the key to turning things around at Normandy Boarding School.


1. The First Day


  Normandy Boarding School for girls was the picture of perfection. It sat on the top of a mountain between two castle ruins overlooking the Rhine river. Each year girls from all over the world would join the prestigious school in hope of gaining notoriety. The school was also known for their outstanding scholars and swimming program. Just as Normandy had good qualities it also had bad qualities. The school had a history of being a sanctuary for some children and a nightmare for others.        

 "Ashley, are you sure you want to go to this school? The girls didn't seem to be overly friendly when we came to visit."       

 "Mom, they have one of the best swim teams in the world here. Why should they be overly friendly? They don't know us."    

 "I know, but I just want you to be safe. They have one of the worst records when it comes to depression. I've heard all sorts of rumors about this school."      

"Mom, you know me! I'm likable. Everyone loved me at my old school. I was mega popular."    

 "Yeah, but your friends aren't going to be with you this time. I don‘t understand why you wanted to leave your old school this late in the year.”      

"I can't explain it. After I saw their website I knew I needed to be here. I don't want to look like a geek on my first day. I'll see you in a few months!" Ashley said as she kissed her mom and walked up the large stair way.    

 "Was that your mother?" asked a tall girl with a green jacket on.    

 "Yeah, it was! I'm Ashley! I'm from Texas!"    

 "Oh, you're American. I'm Olga and I'm from Berlin."    

 "Cool! Nice to meet you! This is a beautiful place."    

 "Yeah, it can be! However, it can also be a horrible place at times," Olga stated as she looked up near the top of the castle."      

"Oh I see," stated Ashley as she noticed two girls walking her way.    

 "Hi, I'm Claudia, and this is Nancy. Do you need help with your things mate?"     

 "Sure," replied Ashley as she walked off and left Olga standing by the gazebo.    

 "Are you going to say bye to her?" asked Nancy.    

 " No!" Ashley laughed as she noticed Claudia break out in a big smile.    

 "Lovely, you'll fit in just fine," Claudia stated as she looked back at Olga and frowned.  

After they entered the main hall Ashley noticed a coldness brush against her neck. When she turned to see the breeze she saw nothing was there. Oddly enough she could still see Olga standing in the same spot outside near the gazebo. It was game time she told herself as she pushed the picture of Olga from her mind. She could spot an outsider from miles away she told herself as she thought about her old school. 

 "So do you know where your room is?" Claudia asked.    

 "I have it written on a piece of paper. When my parents came here we took a tour of the school. So, I know where I'm going."    

 "Great, then we will meet back up with you at lunch time," Nancy said.     

 "Okay, I can do that!"  

Ashley continued walking until she found her wing. Finally she was at her room, and she could start unpacking. The first thing she noticed after she opened the door was the smell of strawberries. The room wasn't too small or too big. It had large shutters on every windows. As she walked near the bed she took note of a basket of fruit and other goodies that were neatly placed on the side of her nightstand.   


“Can we switch beds? My bed is right by the radiator, and I hate sleeping by radiators,” said a girl with long dark hair.   “Sorry, but I like my bed. My parents picked it out when they came here for the tour.”

 “Oh, it’s okay. I’ll just sleep here. I’m Candice by the way,”  

“Nice to meet you. How long have you been here?”  

“I came here last year. My father is a writer, so he needs a lot of quiet time. It was either come here or go to another boarding school near my family. I told my dad about this place. It has culture, and a great swim team.” 

“Who do you hang around with?”  

“I’m kind of a loner. I don’t care too much for any of these girls to be honest. They are snobs.”  

“Oh, I see,” replied Ashley.  

“Yeah, you’ll see. They can be very mean.”  

Ashley looked at Candice and nodded slightly. Perhaps they were snobs to her she thought as she placed her clothes into a drawer. She wasn’t going to have the same problem because she knew how to fit in. Before Ashley could finish putting her clothes away a knock at the door came.  

“Hey, are you ready to brunch?” Claudia asked.   

“Yeah! I can’t wait because I’m starved to the bone.”  

“Okay well, we should get going.”

"Candice, would you like to come with us?" Ashley questioned.

"No thank you,I'll talk to you later."

"HAHA, Candice doesn't want to come because she knows everyone will make fun of her. Have you seen her undressed yet? She is a horrible cow If I were that fat I would never eat again," said Nancy as she looked back in disgust.

"Oh my gosh she can totally hear you. That's so wrong!" Laughed Ashley.

"You know I'm telling the truth ,Candice. Stay away from the dining hall for at least two more weeks maybe you will be down to one cow instead of two," Nancy giggled as she shut the door.


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