A holiday with you, my holiday romance

This holiday will be one to remember, with my best friend my sister and my parents, hoping to meet a couple of hot guys and have a blast of a lifetime :D read to fin out what happens when shannon finds love and why it's so complicated


1. The ride to happiness

19th may Dear diary,
The day has finally come when I get to go on holiday, I Carnt wait, the best part about this holiday is that I'm going with my best friend, I'm gunsh let you know all about what happens, hopefully I will find a hot boy there.... This is how my day went;

I was packing to get ready for the trip, excitement running through me and the adrenaline taking over, I woke my friend and my sister up with a huge grin on my face, "c'mon get up its time for holiday" Ofcourse they groaned because they were tired but I was fine and all ready for the car journey.......


In the car, all we had was a DVD player a pillow and some snacks to nibble on, but we were growing closer to arriving at our holiday destination, I was eager with anticipation to arrive, the hotter weather, the hotter guys and Ofcourse he better fun, elle, my friend and Paige my sister, suddenly shouted " omg we are here"
We all turned our heads out of the window and gasped, the beach was lush, the sea is sparkling. And the sun is shining, perfect I thought....
I've got to go now, Time to unpack and everything ...

20th may Dear diary,
Last night was he best we went to the club and had the most amazing time but most of all, we saw this hot guy, he had dark skin, brown hair and brown eyes, we were lucky enough to sit on a table next to him, I couldn't resist butto take a few peeks while he wasn't Looking, Paige and Elle wasn't too bothered about him, he was all mine for the holiday, we went to te arcades and he came out too, we sat on the machine, pretending to be pretty cool, but inside capping ourselfs just invade the impossible happens,
He walked over to us, that's when my heart started thumping like it was going to jump out o my cheast, he looks at me, and I stare Into his eyes, totally lost in his gaze,!
"QUICK, he's coming"I whimperd to Elle and Paige , "act cool" even though I didn't see. To be acting cool infact the total opposite and looking like a constipated duck,
" erm, hey girls, could I talk to you for a minute?" he eagerly asks flicking his hair back and forth looking like a total sex god !
"Ofcourse what's up?" I shyly groan?
" I was just wondering if I could possibly have your number if it's not that Cheney to ask of me?"
" sure," I mummble the number out and reluctanly sigh as he thanks me and walked away, no more panicking for me tonight, let's just hope he texts me .....
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