Whisper my name

I am and always will be a lover of ghosts, I have been fascinated about them ever since that one cold night


1. He speaks again

You called my name once before, you made me afraid to be in my own skin,
Well no more, I shall meet you again.....

It all started on that cold night, I have always been interested in ghosts and other life, not afraid of anything,people thought I was crazy, like I wasn't myself, like I should be something I'm not,...
That cold disturbing night was never to be forgotten, I was a little girl, playing on my swing,the past few daunting months I had been seeing things, or so I thought, a figure, possibly a man staring at me with his alike devil eyes, I was just a girl, not knowing what this creature was, all I knew was that it was not real, I couldn't touch it, I couldn't feel it.... But I could hear it! These careless whispers that went through me like a shock of dread every night made my life a nightmare, everynight when my grandmother put me carefully to bed she would leave me a prayer and a little kiss on the forehead said everything was alright, and everynight past 12:00 my nightmare would start again, I would wake up in a world of pain, feeling like I'm being scratched and scraped at with long sharp nails,my head spinning then I would hear it, CARISSA, someone called my name in a ghost like devil sound, shivers were sent through my spine, I knew this was not normal, surely it couldn't all be in my head, could it ....... Then I would see it, it stood there in a Grouching posture, nothing like I had seen before, scarred face devil eyes, a voice like poison that ran through my blood, poisoning me as it spoke making me feel weak, although something was different about this night, I had a feeling that it was slipping through my hands, my life grasping onto the last of my hopes, I was not going to make it through the night, my life was going to end .......

This was my short story hope you liked it :)
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