Dancing with tigers

Opal, a young forest dancer, with the power to speak to animals is lost in the woods and to rely on a white tiger. Through hardships and time they become friends. Then when Opal and the tiger reach the edge of the wood they find the city at war. Will they flee or join in the fight?


1. Opals disaster

"You will be an amazing forest dancer and you will follow in the footsteps of your grandmother" Patricia told Opal, twirling her round. "I'm not to sure I will be I'm not as brave as grandmother" replied Opal. Her grandmother walks through the big oak doors after overhearing the conversation and she told Opal bravery comes in many forms and she has more than she knows. "Now go get Imi ready for riding and make sure your tack is good and sturdy" Grandmother tells Opal.
As Opal nears the stable she calls to Imi through her mind. "Imi there's not long until we have to get going." Imi replies with a nicker and Opal understands.
The great dancer, leader of the forest dancers, walks very gracefully through the stable doors and padds gently over to Opal. She taps Opal on the shoulder and tells her she has to come outside with Imi and the dancers will preform the leavers dance and then they will be of. The great dancer leaves her to it and goes back into the summer sun. As Opal leaves the stables, making sure she has left nothing behind, whispering excitedly to Imi. Both rider and horse are in a big state of excitement.
The dancers preform the leaving dance and as they near the end they motion Opal to come and join them and Opal does the moves coming to her as easily as walking or talking.When the dance is finished the dancers mount up and head into the forest. They ride for a day until they come to a shady glade. Here they unpack and set up camp for the night asthey do every year. Opal, unacustumed to this stands around looking like a bit of a lost puppy.
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