Hey everybody. So i've only recently started writing poems..as in today haha. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave some feedback. Thank You :D


1. Poison


I’ve been shot by one of your silver poison darts.

Your poison slowly releases into my body, through my skin, through my flesh, through my bones.

The poison gradually takes over every inch of me, internally.

It covers my organs like a cloak that is never to be removed.

It dilutes my blood like water diluting a powerful acid.

It eventually consumes every ounce of my energy and leaves me lifeless.

Your poison completely dominates my body

Making me internally collapse.

Leaving me with a grey tinge to my rosy cheeks,

A purple tint to my peachy lips and no soul within what was once a live and energetic being.

Your poison is killing me slowly yet efficiently,

Without feeling any sympathy towards my body and eventually exiting through my corpse,

Ready to poison another innocent being

With that same silver poison dart…


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