Scottish valentine's poem

This is the first poem I ever wrote for my ex for valentine's.

This is my first piece I have uploaded so I would love any input anyone can give.

Thanks =)


1. The thistle


 Ma' proud hame o' genty beauty,

How thy blooms grow aw' a plenty,

Sad tae say thae ne'er impress'd me,

                                                Bloom n' wilt n' die!

But in aw' a wilts swayin' so gently,

A Thistle caught ma' eye!


In ma' heart, O' pride, I never knew!

A planted seed, thy beauty grew

Aw' explodin' o' pricks o' green an' blue,

showin' aff thy humour!

For aw' the world, for aw' tae see but,

Fear the pain I may endure


To reach n' grab? wad be tae risky

To take forcefully wad be a crime

For in this world, what's yours is mine

So I'll sit an' I watch thee

Better man of me made, in time

Til' ma' courage shines through


Wi' Flashin, smashin, sleet n' snaw!

Yer bonny face faces it aw'!

An' if a wind shid' huff n' blaw'!

When aw' else wid cower

I wad stan't by beamin' in awe when,

Ma' bonnie thistle towers!




                                               Wad dour fear, ma' courage holds promise,

The sun an' the moon shall ne'er leave thee!

Fight all the sheeps that mean to take thee!

Or book that wad press n' mean tae break thee!

Or grabbed at the root by some unthinking brute

A look alone cannot protect thee!


                                               To dream a day thy liberty fell through

                                               Ma' angel friend, to ken I'd failed you

                                               For a thing loved, ne'er be painful 

                                              N' if support'd, always be fruitful

                                              So I'll hold you soft, that thy root go,

                                              Whare e'er it go, explore, forever-more



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