Gagged 4 Life? Save Us From...
A Diary Entry about two 17 year old girls
who just happened to be trapped by...


1. Dear Diary Entry 1 - Behind Our Life

Dear Diary, 

Today is July the 6th 2011, I have been asked to go to a party with my twin sister but the last party i went too sucked. I remember last year's party the most because it was a time of danger and something i wish never happened, In 2010 it was my birthday and like most birthday's families and friends gather round you to wish you a great happy birthday but that birthday was the day i almost died... I remember the cake the most it was chocolate with a nice smooth creamy filling with some chocolate melted flakes on the surface of my birthday cake, Sarah my twin sister was also busy that day she was trying to buy me a lovely present that comes from the heart instead of what comes from the evil side of her, But luckily she was kind enough to get me something i would like. Sarah was at Lemy's Cafe trying to make enough money to buy me my present while i was having so much fun with my friends more than spending time with my family, Walking back from the shop was my sister i could see her in the corner of my eye through the shiny transparent window. 

Today has been great so far, I've been looking out the window though to see how far my sister has go to walk before she reaches our home, It was now time to open some of my presents since our dad was always picky with how the present routine works, It's like a present every hour it sucks in my opinion and i don't think even my sister is to fond of it her self, Finally i could see Sarah with a box in her hand it was quite difficult to see her the last time i looked out the window but now i could see her holding a box shaped object, As the sun was now going down i was getting bored of waiting to open my presents even my friends were laughing at me and telling me that my dad is stupid and pathetic. I then got up from my lovely soft seat while then standing up and walking to the front door, I could now see Sarah just outside the door before she could knock the smooth door i opened it with happiness hoping that Sarah hasn't let me down, I lift my head up to look more relaxed with a cute little smile on my face the begins to transform from my frown from earlier, Sarah looks at me with her box in her hand while then speaking "HI Sis" As she said those words i moved out the way for her while then following her into the living room where everyone is still waiting bored obviously...

Today's time is now 18:00 PM and i am getting pretty bored but when Sarah finally enters the living room since she had to go to the kitchen to set up the birthday cake i was trying to look happy but i was struggling to do this since my mind kept worrying about things while i was shivering from these twisted thoughts that had just popped into my head in an instant, As Sarah entered the living room she walked in slowly while approaching me with a big smooth cardboard box then she placed it in my firm small hands while then hugging me and whispering in my left ear "Happy Birthday Sis" I still remember her kissing me too that made me feel better from today's past, As everyone stood up while staring at me like i'm in a spotlight or something i placed the box on the solid rough carpet with little grin on my face i then placed my hands on the top of the box and scratched the tape to open it, After finally breaking the tape i opened the box while then looking down into it i slowly began to laugh but i could see Sarah went to alot of trouble to get me this, It was a make-up kit inside this box, Also in the box behind the make-up kit was some socks that said I Love You Sis, I was overwhelmed that she got me the make up kit since dad and mum would never buy me one because they didn't want me to sexy as i would put it :P.

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