Passion bereaved

After the blatant failure that was my first movella. I've tried my hand with my next one. This one deals with the rigors of life that may drive a person to the edge of his destiny. But he will always push himself into it's grasp. Tjis was my second short story. PLZ comment.


1. Passion bereaved

I could not breathe . My head was spinning crazily . The throbbing in my head had increased tenth fold . I lay in the ring gasping for breathe . I could hear the referee counting . Quitting seemed to be the best option . But somewhere in the corner of my mind resistance still prevailed . I knew that I could not give up . My family depended on me . My winning was very crucial for me and my family as we were running short of money . This boxing match was my only hope . I had abandoned my studies to  join this tournament . But now I realized that I had committed a mistake that had no remedies . I was just not made for boxing . This became relevant to me when I found myself being knocked out three times in the preliminary rounds . This wildcard entry was my only hope . This thought spurred me into getting up . I caught the ropes and leaned on it for a second . Then  I got up using the ropes as leverage . Air came rushing out of my lungs and I had to gasp before my nose woke up from it’s lethargy and started to function . My vision blurred and I heard the referee stopping the count . I could see my opponent edging toward me . My vision cleared just in time for me to see my opponent throw a punch . I raised my left arm and deflected it . This act took the remaining part of my energy and I went on my knees . Just as my opponent was going to deliver  the fatal punch the bells went off , signaling the end of a round . I stumbled back to my assigned corner . My mother and my coach were standing there . “Come on! you can do it . Your opponent is just a bum . Go and knock him out “, said the coach. “Come on son , you have to win this tournament . It was you who opted to box , now you cannot back out . But I promise that once this is all over we will start some business with the money you get from winning”, my mother said. “But I can’t do it , He is too strong for me “, “Yes! You can, you have got heart and he is just a bum who will black out the first time he gets knocked out“, my master said I looked at my opponent , he was pointing at me and laughing . Anger seeped into me , rejuvenating me with renewed vigor . Anger lent me strength , courage , determination obliterating the elements that had governed me while I was being knocked out . The bell gonged signifying the beginning of the next round . I stood up and walked towards the centre of the ring . My opponent came towards and threw a punch with blinding speed and the punch connected . This time my jaw was the victim of the punch . I staggered back . My opponent threw another punch towards me , but I ducked and punched him in the ribs. Now it was his turn to stagger back . My opponent appeared genuinely surprised  . A pint of fear materialized into his face and  I knew that I had gained control over him . The next few minutes were a blur , I jabbed  ,I hooked ,I punched and my opponent showed no resistance whatsoever . He seemed to be shocked by my sudden retaliation . I managed to knock him out after a particularly vicious combination  . The referee counted  eleven before I was declared the winner . I was the new wild card entry and I had a straight ticket to the semifinals .I went home happy . There was a space of three days before the semifinals , so I went to my master for further training the very next day . Surprisingly my trainer made me sit in  the couch and offered me a cup of coffee . My master sat down. “I want to talk to you”, he said “what about”, “boxing”, “what about it”, “do you like to box”, “why do you ask”, “ because you were about to give up yesterday . I would have asked you this question after you lost your first match , but I thought that you had given up completely and that you would not come back again . But when you turned some days ago , I did not want to degrade you , I wanted to give you another chance but you failed . So , do you like to box ? “No”, “Then , why did you join the tournament”, “Because I was good at nothing , except fighting”, “how did you know you were good at fighting”, “I knew when I knocked out a 5th grader”. “Which grade were you in when you knocked him out”, “7th”, “so he was younger than you”, “yes”, “ You decided to take a shot at boxing because you were good at nothing else “, “yes”, “But how did you sustain your opponents punches in the wild card round”, “I am used to getting beat up . My mother used to beat me a lot for getting low grades”, “So you can punch and get punched , that’s all you need to box . Then why don’t you like it? “Because I don’t have a heart towards it . I want to quit boxing and do something else but I can’t quit because I don’t have money”, “what else do you want to do”, “I love to draw , though I am not very good at it . my heart flies high when I draw”, “do you know why you find boxing hard even though you are a talented boxer “, “No”, “Because you don’t like to box . Talent is not the factor that decides your career . If Mohammad Ali had turned down boxing because he was good at something else than we would have one legend less  to be proud of. When you do something you like, and when you do it with a heart the product is always good . Elvis Presley was turned down by his music teacher , but that did not stop him from singing . If you can’t draw , try harder . I am sure that a day will come when your drawing will be an object of awe . Boxing is only for those who love to box because boxing is not a game where talent decides the winner , it is a game where the one with a greater will to win or the one with a greater love for the sport wins”, “But as I said , I don’t have any say in this issue . I need money and at the moment boxing is the only window open for me”, “oh, you have a choice . I will give you the money that you will get if you win the tournament . That way you get money without having to torture yourself by boxing”, “Do you really mean it”, I said , my mind was  weaving yarns of ecstasy with the threads of happiness. “Yes ,  I do”, He got up from the couch and moved out of the room. My mind was singing mute songs of happiness . I basked in happiness and did nothing to conceal it . I started rolling in the rich carpet, my mind a culmination of relief and joy  . The idea seemed too good to be true . If getting liberated from the horrors of boxing was one thing , getting money to draw was a different thing . These two factors completely disarmed me off the solemnity that presides  over me when I am outside. I was just about to do the fifth barrel roll when the door opened and a hand materialized from the door knob on the other side . I quickly got up and sat in the couch . To my surprise the hand was not attached to my master’s body but it belonged to his servant . The servant laid a hundred dollar roll in the table and said “the master told me to give you this money”, The expression of the servant and the sudden disappearance of my master made me realize that my stay in the gym was over . My master had symbolically told me to get out with the cash , though the nature of the ‘good bye’ was irrelevant .  There had been a constant nudging in the corner of my mind ever since the master voiced his concern and told me that he was ready to give me the money . The nudge had been ever so slight that it had been washed away by the other elements that had engulfed me at that point of time . Now that nudge seemed to weigh down my happiness . Then , it came crashing down to me that the nudge had been hesitancy . The little amount of dignity that had reigned over me before  my instinctive reaction took place had initiated the nudge . This hesitancy  rent me suspicion that the master had given me the money to get rid of me . My mind was struggling as I was  not able to grasp the full implication of the matter at hand . Just then I noticed a note in the cash which said ‘I have other works to attend to . Good luck and I give this money with the best of intentions’ . With the nature of the ‘goodbye’ revealed part of my hesitancy washed away but the nudging did not go away , so I took the paper that was lying on the table and scrabbled ‘you have given me hope and relief master , I assure you that once I become an artist I will return the money you gave me’ . I gave the paper to the servant . The relief was almost instantaneous . All the joy returned to me and it reached such epic proportions that I experienced bliss that I never before experienced . I was walking in a trance like state when I banged myself against the entrance door . This acted as an alarm and I returned to the materialistic world . I opened the door and left the gym .  I could be any of the famous artists you know off . I could be Leonard Da Vinci , I could be Picasso or any other artist for that matter . The name would be prudent to refrain as they don’t play any role with the message concerned.  But I wanted to chronicle to the reader the culmination of events that ultimately  led to my enlightenment  because I wanted to relay a simple message that our race has forgotten over the course of time . When the mind and the soul merge to do the one thing that pleases both the former and the latter , a pact is formed between them , forged from the metals of will and bound together by the flames of passion , the bond welds them together . When this seal is broken , the soul is destroyed and the mind teeters at the edge of sanity , a footstep away from the abyss of insanity . Don’t break the bond .   

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