Newton Proved Wrong!

This is how Mr. Isaac Newton was shockingly proved wrong by the great scientist Mr. Albert Einstein late back in the 90's.


1. Newton Proved Wrong


It was the time when Isaac Newton came up with a reasoning of “Why do things fall on the ground, including humans too?” He termed it as “Gravity”. He stated that the natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract each other with a force proportional to their mass is known as gravity. This term was inculcated by the scientists all over the world and was also used in scientific calculations.

After many years it was Albert Einstein who came up with a totally new formula of attraction of objects with each other. He stated that any small mass of body is attracted to a bigger mass of body. After which he gave an example of why Earth and other planets were attracted to the sun? Albert said that it is its size which attracts the other small planets and not the gravity of the sun as it almost impossible for a object’s so called “gravity” to attract other far of, big masses of objects in the solar system. Scientists of the world studied the theory and got to know that it was certainly true!

A huge confusion had taken place in the world. Scientists were extremely confused in choosing between the two formulas as both of them proved their point well. After a conference taken place in Europe among the scientists it was decided that Newton’s formula will be used as far as the calculations of the so called “gravity of the Earth” is concerned. On the other side Einstein’s formula was also true if the attraction of bigger masses such as sun, Jupiter, Saturn ,etc are taken in mind. So scientists continued to study his formula, which till date has not been successfully de-coded.

After the whole incidence, both scientists (Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton) are given great respect for their discoveries in the scientific world!

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