What Is Wrong With Teenage?

This is all about teenage and teenage problems which teenagers face during their teenage years. Specially refers to the rising ego among teens during this age. Read along youngsters, and try to relate yourself with it.


1. What Is Wrong With Teenage?

What is wrong with teenage? Most of them say, everything! By the youth definition, teenage is one of the most ambiguous situation of a person’s life, totally flummoxed and extremely confusing! Most of the teenagers spend these moments to change themselves for the better or simply change to give their parents a shiver dart! Many, spend a brandish lifestyle, while others may be sitting in the dark corners of aloofness. In short, teenage is the path to a brightly shining or, in some cases, dreadful future!

Ego is one of the major rising issues among all citizens. Who has the style? The better look? The better attitude? And in most common cases, who has more attention in the eyes of the opposite sex?

Many others who may not be having the attention, might be involved in their intrigue behaviours of finding out about others secretly or in any other way possible. Few, who may not be involved in matters as all others are, may be bluffing around, to show that they too have an upper hand in the latest discussions.

In short, the ego is taking teenagers to their unwanted smarmy behaviours which is indirectly creating a serious waste of time and a quagmire situation for them.

The teenage life, has always been a moment to remember and cherish for a person’s life. It should not be wasted in disputes or egos, rather it should be lived with the art of happiness for the better and flowering future!  

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