Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


6. PART 6


Zayn told Harry about what songs the boys sang in every liveshow, and about the weekly Video Diaries. "Let us see the video diaries!" you said to the boys and laughed a bit. The boys looked at you, "Yeah. But we haven't a laptop here" Liam said and looked at you and then smiled a bit. You looked at him, "maybe my mum isn't started to pack my things, she can pack my laptop?" you said, and all the boys nodded, "well okay, i'll call her" you said and smiled. You took up your phone, and called your mum. "Hi, mum. Could you pack my laptop?" you asked when she took her phone. "Ofcourse, by the way im on the hospital in an hour!" your mum said, "bye sweetheart" she added and ended the call. "One hour, then mum is here with my laptop and stuff like that" you said to the boys and smiled. "come on, tell me mooore!" Harry said then, like he was a little kid who wanted more from the story his mum were telling. Louis laughed a bit, "okay Hazza" he said and started to tell about their X-Factor Tour. Louis had talked for about 15minutes, when the door opened. You and the boys all looked over to the door, and saw Gemma and Anne walked in. You smiled a bit when you saw them, but then, it was your fault that Harry didn't remember them. "My little babyboy!" Anne said and ran over to Harry, "Louis told what happened.." she added. You looked at Anne, "He doesn't remember you, the boys or me.." you said to her. Anne and Gemma looked worried at you, and you got up from the bed so they could sit next to Harry. You looked at Anne, "memory loss, we have to tell him about his past or he's not going to remember anything from his past" you said. You sat down next to Niall, and looked at him shortly. Louis looked at Anne and Gemma, "{YOUR NAME} is going to stay with him. Harry has to be here in 2weeks" he said and smiled a bit. You smiled a bit and laid your head on Niall's shoulder, like you had been bestfriends with him forever. Niall looked down at you and then smiled, and looked over to Anne. "You and Gemma should probably tell him about his childhood" he said to them then and smiled a bit. Zayn nodded a bit, "or he won't start remember his past again"he added a bit sad, and looked at Anne and Gemma.You and the boys looked at Anne when she was telling Harry about his childhood. About the funny things he did, and about the wierd things he did. About the first day in kindergarden, and the first day in school. You smiled big, and looked at the other boys. Then there was someone knocking on the door, "just keep telling the story, its just my mum" you said, got up from the bed and then walked over to the door, and you were right. It was your mum, and she had a lot of things with her. "hi mum!" you said and hugged her. She smiled to you, "i have your laptop with me!" she said and laughed a bit, and then looked at Anne who were telling about Harry's past again. "Oh, i interrupted you. Im sorry" she said, and put the bags down. "bye again, darling. Your sibling is home alone, i need to go home" she said and hugged you, "call me if there happens anything to you" she added and hugged you again. You smiled, "I will" you said and smiled, "bye mum" you said, and looked at her walk away. You smiled a bit, and walked over to the boys, "i have my laptop now" you said and smiled, and sat down next to Niall again and started to look at Anne, who were telling Harry more about his childhood. You smiled while listening til Anne and Gemma's stories, and after 1½ hour a nurse came. "Anne and Gemma, and boys. I have to say that you guys must go now" she said, "And {YOUR NAME}, please don't get Harry to be up all night!" she added and then walked out of the room. "I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun" you muttered/sang to yourself, and apparently the boys heard it, because they laughed and started to sing the next lines. You smiled a bit, "Good night boys" you said and hugged them all. "Good night" the boys said and walked out of the room. Anne and Gemma was still in the room, "take care of Harry" Anne said to you and smiled a bit, "good night" she added and then walked out of the room with Gemma. You looked over to Harry, "well, i got my laptop. Should we watch some of your video diaries?" you asked him and took you laptop up from your computer-bag. Harry nodded, "Yeah!" he said and smiled, "Come over to my bed" he said and smiled. You laughed a bit and then turned on your laptop.
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