Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


5. PART 5


"Stop saying that!" Niall said and looked at you, "Harry are.." he started but got interrupted by the doctor. The doctor looked at you and the boys, "Harry suffer memory loss" he said, "and if Harry is going to remember his past, you are going to tell him everything about it" the doctor added. You looked at the boys, and then at the doctor, "how?" you asked him. The doctor smiled calm, "show him some photos from his childhood, and tell him about all your memories" he said. All the boys nodded, "how long are he going to stay here?" Liam asked then. The doctor looked over to Liam, "he's going to stay here for atleast 2weeks" he said then. All the boys sighed, "is there any chance for one of us can stay with him?" Louis said and looked at the doctor. "Only one of you" the doctor said and then smiled a bit, "but well, tell the receptionist who there's going to stay with him" the doctor added and then walked away from you and the guys. "{YOUR NAME} should stay with him.." Zayn said and looked at you, "no!" you just said as a answer. The boys looked at you, "stay with him" Louis said to you, "you are only going to be alone in the nights. We are going to be with you all day" he said calm. You smiled a bit, "okay then..". Louis and the other boys smiled big and looked at you, "Let us tell Harry!" Niall said and smiled. You nodded, "yeah.." you said and then walked over to room 34. The boys followed you over to Harry's room, and Liam opened the door for you. "Harry?" you said to him and smiled a bit. Harry looked at you, "Yeah?" he said and smiled big. "Im going to stay here, until you leave the hospital! which you first do in 2weeks" you said to Harry and smiled. Harry's face lighted up and he smiled big, "YAY!" he said happy, "but.. Why am i going to stay here for 2weeks?" he asked then. You smiled a bit, and looked over to the boys. "We are going to re-create your memory" Zayn said, "{YOUR NAME} is going to help us" he added after that. "Maybe we should call Anne? She knows all of Harry's childhood" you said and smiled a bit. The boys nodded, "Harry, let us borrow your phone" Louis said and smiled a bit.Harry looked at Louis, and then took up his phone from his pocket. "Im calling his mum" Louis said and took his phone and started to find Harry's mum in his contacts, and when he found Anne he walked out of the room. You looked at the boys, "im just walking down to my mum. She deserves to know that im in Harry's room, and im staying here" you said and smiled, "Im coming back!" you added and then walked out of the room. You ran over to the elevator, and took the elevator a floor down. You walked over to your room, and saw that your mum wasn't there. "Mum?" you said and looked around, but there was no-one to answer it. You took your phone up from your pocket and found your mum's number. "Hi mum, where are you?" you said when your mother answered the call. "I drove home" she answered, "how are the boy?" she asked then. You smiled a bit, "he can't remember me, or the boys. He is going to stay on the hospital for 2weeks, so im staying with him" you said to your mum. Your mum sighed, "okay, should i come with some stuff?" she asked. You laughed a bit, "Yeah. Harry are on floor3, room 34" you said, "im going up to the boys, bye mum" you added and then ended the call. You walked over to the elevator, took the elevator up to 3rd floor and then walked over to room 34. You opened the door, and saw that the boys were talking about The X-Factor times. You smiled, "Do i disturb?" you whispered and walked over to them. You sat next to Harry on his bed and smiled. The boys looked at you, "we were just talking about The X-Factor days with Harry" Niall said and smiled. You nodded, "keep telling the story!" you said and placed your arms around Harry. Harry looked at you, and slowly kissed your hair. You laughed a bit, and then looked at Zayn, who had started to tell from were you stopped them.
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