Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


4. PART 4


Louis looked at you, "Im sorry, but no.." he said, "sit down" he added then and pointed over to the chair he had sat on. You looked at him and then smiled a bit. You pulled the chair closer to the bed, and sat down. You looked at Harry, "Why did i say that you should drive me home?" you whispered to him, although you knew that Harry couldn't hear you. You started to cry again, but you didn't say a noise. The tears just rolled down at your cheeks. You took Harry's hand a squeezed it a bit, "Harry.." you said and then looked over to the other boys. "Its my fault.." you said to them and the tears start to roll down at your cheeks. The boys just looked at you, and then Niall sat down next to you. "its not your fault.. while you were unconscious, a policeman came and told us that the driver of the other car were drunk" he said and dried the tears away from your cheek. You smiled a bit, "still.. if i'd just said goodbye, he would be sitting with you guys, instead of being in coma" you said. "{YOUR NAME}, try to look at him.." Louis said and smiled a bit to you. "Why?" you said and then looked over to Harry. Harry's eyes were open, and he smiled big, "what happened?" he said, "who are you?" he added when he saw you. You let go of his hand and looked at him, "you don't remember me?" you asked, "im {YOUR NAME}" you said and then smiled a bit, "we met for a couple of hours ago.. A man drove into us" you added. Harry looked confused at you, "well, hi then.." he said, "and who are the guys?" he added. You looked at the boys, "its Louis, hes your bestfriend, hes your bandmate. Niall, Zayn, Liam, they're all your bandmates" you said. Liam looked at Harry, "do you not remember us?" Liam asked worried and then looked at the other boys. Harry looked at all of you guys, "should i remember you? the only thing i remember is this bright light.." he said. "Find a doctor or something, he need to be checked!" Zayn said and looked worried at Harry, "he may suffer memory loss, and doesn't remember a thing" he added. You looked at Zayn, "I'll find someone!" you said and walked out of room 34. You looked around after a doctor, and you found one. You walked over to him, "Uhm, Harry Styles from room 34 woke up for a few minutes ago" you said to the doctor, "he doesn't remember a thing" you added. The doctor looked at you, "i'll come in a few minutes, just be sure that he don't get up from his bed" he said and smiled to you. You nodded, "room 34, remember to come!" you said and started to walk back to room 34. You opened the door to Harry's room, "be sure that Harry lays in his bed, until the doctor comes!" you said and looked at the boys. The boys looked at you, and then over to Harry. "Hazza, stay in bed!" Liam said to Harry and smiled to him. Harry looked at Liam, "who's Hazza?" he asked and then smiled a bit. Liam looked at Harry, "its your nickname!" he said. Harry looked confused at Liam and then smiled a bit, "okay.. Zayn?" Harry said to Liam. Zayn laughed a bit, "no, im Zayn" he said to Harry and smiled calm. The doctor knocked on the door and then walked into the room, "Hello Harry!" he said and smiled calm. Harry looked at the doctor, "who are you?" he asked then. The doctor looked calm at Harry, "im your doctor" he said, "im going to check you" the doctor added. The doctor looked at you and the boys, "can you please go out of the room? i'll go out to you when im done" he said. You looked at the boys, "let us go" you said and walked out of the room. The boys followed you, and you all walked down to a group of chairs. "What if he doesn't want to be in One Direction anymore?..." you said to the boys, and started to cry again, "its my fault!" you said, and rolled back a little, because you didn't want Liam to give you a hug. "No its not" Liam said instead of giving you a hug, and then smiled a bit. Louis looked at you, "maybe he's still interested in music?" he said and placed his arm around you, "if we play some of our music for him, he maybe wants?" he added. You smiled a bit, "maybe.. But what if he doesn't?"

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