Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


2. PART 2


You looked at Harry while he was talking. "Yeah, Lou. Im not sure that i can go out, there is girls in my front yard" Harry said, and looked at you. You smiled to Harry and Harry smiled back. "Well, i have a girl over here.. But i can ask?" Harry said and removed the phone from his ear. He looked over to you and smiled a bit, "Want to come over to Louis' flat?" he asked and smiled big. You nodded, "ofcourse!" you said and smiled. You couldn't believe this, you was going to meet Louis!. Harry smiled, "great! me and {YOUR NAME} are coming!" Harry said and ended the call. Harry looked at you, "Lets go!" he said and smiled. "Wait, what about our food?" you said a bit worried, and took a piece of Harry's muffin and ate it. Harry laughed, "take your muffin with you" he said and smiled, before he took your hand and pulled you with him down at the stairs. You just got your muffin with you. Harry got his shoes on and took his jacket. "Are you ready?" Harry asked, and after you nodded, Harry opened the door and a group of screaming girls were ready to get autographs from Harry. Harry looked at them, "Sorry girls" he said to them and pulled you with him over to his car. He opened the door for you, and you sat down in the car. Harry walked over to the other site, sat in and started the car. You looked out at the window while eating the muffin, when What Makes You Beautiful started on the radio. You and Harry looked at eachother, before starting to sing-a-long with the music. When you arrived to Louis' flat, Harry's solo started. You looked at Harry, and Harry looked deep into your eyes. And then he started to sing his solo to you. You blushed a bit, and when it was over Harry kissedd you again on your nose. You and Harry laughed a bit, before you walked over to Louis' door. Harry knocked on it, and after a few seconds Louis opened it. Louis looked at you, "Who's that?" he asked and smiled to you. You smiled nervous, "Hi Lou. My name is {YOUR NAME}" you said and smiled. Louis looked over to Harry and smiled, "Come in!" he said then and walked away from the door. Harry looked at you, "first the ladies!" he said and smiled. You blushed a bit, "well, okay" you said ad then walked into Louis' apartment. Harry walked in after you, and took his jacket off and hung it up on the coat rack. You got helped by Louis, and he hung up your jacket. You smiled to him, "thank you Lou" you said to him. Louis smiled back to you, "Eleanor sits in the living room, just go in to her" Louis said and smiled again. You nodded, "Okay!" you turned around and started to walk over to the living room. "She's hot Haz, good choice!" you could hear Louis say to Harry. You laughed a bit, and walked into the living room like you didn't hear it. In the couch Eleanor sat and watch TV. You smiled big, "Hi, Eleanor!" you said to her and smiled. Eleanor looked over to you. "Hey!" she said, "Do i know you?" she asked then and smiled. You laughed, "Hah, no. My name is {YOUR NAME}" you said to her and smiled, and sat down next to her. Eleanor smiled big, "oh well, who of the guys discovered you?" she said and laughed. You blushed a bit, "Harry" you said, "we met for almost 2hours ago" you added and then you laughed a bit nervous. Eleanor opened her mouth because she wanted to say something, but she closed it again when she saw Harry and Louis walked into the room. "Hi Harry!" she said to Harry and smiled. Harry smiled back to Eleanor, "Hi Eleanor" he answered and looked over to you instead of looking at Eleanor. You blushed a bit, and then your phone vibrated. You blushed more and then checked your phone, a new text message. "Hey, where are you?" you read on the screen, it was from your mum. "Im just at.." you started to write, and then looked up at the boys and Eleanor, "im just at Harr.." you started and then looked at Harry. You deleted it all, "Im just at Harriets" you wrote back to your mum. 

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