Lies Of Life

It's about a small over-rated cactus, who kills everyone in sight.


2. Love and Lust

Love, a four letter world that may cause more insanity than one could suffer from a thousand injections of heroin daily. Some believe this, some don't. We spend 99% of our life searching for it whether we know it or not. We would jump of bridges for the make believe shit called love. We're gullible creatures to believe in this but the hope strives us for more, for that person to hold you at night, for that person to grab you and say "It's all going to be alright" Yet again only disappointment settles in our hearts for such a thing is to good and to make-believe to be exist-ant. We've grown up with fairytales, we see them more often then we do the honest truth. Cinderella, Snow white, beauty and the beast even now we thrive for those episodes of Vampire diaries or for true believers bachulourette because we want proof we want to see thats real just so we can get off our arse's and find it and then rub it in everyones face. Love isn't real anymore. It's a sham a lie another dirty dish amongst the rest and I tell you it's the one that hurts the most, the broken sharp and most pointed dish.


We're perceived by our appearance, by the skills in which we have and societies definition of perfection. Society the most hated word in my vocabulary. Every little detail in your past plays a major part in what a persons perception on you is. I bet if you tomorrow went into a dating place turned and said "Hi, I'm 27. When I was 15 I had a child and put it up for adoption because I couldn't handle the pressure" or "Hi I'm 52 and I accidentally dated a guy who beat the life out of me every chance he could and most likely would if he seen me again" Right there you're screwed. You're down right fucked. They arn't going to love you, they arn't going to play a role in that shit. They'd rather go and cut off their foot before they deal with your ugly past. It doesn't matter if it was your fault they don't care. It's hard enough to get past their wishes of outer beauty little load your past issues.



There's six things an individual looks for in someone.


1. Outer beauty


2. Inner Beauty


3. A person with a good past


4. A person with a good future


5. A person who is great in bed


6. And someone who has a lot in common with them



I don't know about you but it's hard enough to find someone good looking on the outside little loan every other strand of shit boogers that comes along with it. You need this perfect smile, healthy hair, bright beautiful eyes and lets not forget for girls a great ass and perky tits.You need to be tall, you need to wear designer clothes and be in the trend, you need to be perfection. Your personality must be quiet and kind when you're around their family but as soon as you get home you're talking about sexual things nobody in the world has yet discovered. Now a good past, I don't know a single  individual with this one. I've smoked, I've drank, I've been suspended, I've bullied and I've mucked the fuck up 100 times over. I've committed self harm to myself and others, Physical and emotional. If you tell me someone has a perfect path leading to right now and has lived for at least 13 years tell me. I need to meet them because wow, they must have been locked under a rock.



Your future, this is another important one. If you're not rich or support worthy in the future, you can forget about it. just give up on anyone more successful then yourself because chances are you're not good enough and last but defiantly not least you need to be them. If you don't listen to the same music, if you don't watch the same shows, know what the hell their talking about twenty four seven and even wipe your ass with the same toilette paper as them, I'm sorry but you're not in their sterotype. Stiff shit.



See we set our expectations so high we ruined love a long time ago.  We ruined love, nobody else but ourselves don't blame your father or your mother, they tried hiding you from the truth but there is no such thing anymore. Well there is in very odd occasions when two people say fuck society, I like this person because of them, I don't care if their poor or their hair is falling out and their eyes are the colour of a babies explosive dihoreah it doesn't matter if you killed someone I love you. I love you for who and what you are. Now that is love and if you think anything less to bad, it's not love. So unless you're the person who is able to say that then do not and I mean DO NOT say you're ready for love or find love because you are incapable of understanding or falling in love.

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