Lies Of Life

It's about a small over-rated cactus, who kills everyone in sight.


1. Life in which we know.

Hi, My names Timika. I'm not here to tell you not to have hope or not to believe. I'm here to tell you from my perspective. We all knew this, we all think it but when are we ever going to spill the ink write it down, say it aloud? It seems humans are more cowardly then a elephant itself. I bet you're sitting, maybe standing wondering what the hell am I talking about?



Do you remember those days of being a kid your parents gave you the drug talk or the sex talk, if they did? Well I'm going to talk about something nobody ever could and most likely never will, a secret we all know but fear, Life.  By now you're wondering what the absolute shit I'm on about and if I really do know everything what's the real purpose of life, what's the real reason for living? but does everything need a reason? does everything need an explanation? Not really, we're just here to believe that. I do have a purpose for writing though far more stronger then the stories of vampires and love stories. This is the first thing I'll tell anybody no matter what age, no matter what race, no matter what religion you're on your own. Nobody in this world will ever put you 1000 steps before themselves in little things and big.  Nobody will ever walk past you and look you head to toe without creating their own decision of who you are and no matter what you put your happiness first because in the end you're the only person who will be left. I'm not only saying this about aquatints, friends and enemies. No I'm talking about your family, your so called lovers. All of them nobody is more important in this world then you. 

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